Nathan Explains Duality & Unity Consciousness – Part 2

This was a huge realization for us today! As you know from part one, the three became the two, and then the two remaining fight against each other. This is the dynamic: the child vs the mother and father, and then the mother and father fight each other over how to best deal with the petulant child. It is the divide and conquer technique.

In this pattern, the mother reasons that at least she has a connection with her child, and thus sacrifices in the name of having some kind of relationship, while the father says I will not have a relationship at the cost of my dignity and life force energy, and resists. The mother has a relationship at a steep cost to her energy, while the father has less of a relationship because he doesn’t want to give in to the demands of their spoiled child, but has more energy left over. However, in either case, the child is dictating the terms of the relationship, and is dividing the father and mother against on another. To experience a form of flow together, the father can submit to the mother, or the mother can submit to the wishes of the father, but both are not enjoying their creation (child) in true unity together, but are either submitting or resisting their creation.

As background reminder, in this analogy of the father, mother, and child, which aligns with the Trivium pattern of thinking, the…

Father = Knowledge, Input, Grammar (What, When, Who, Where?)
Mother = Understanding, Processing, Logic (Why?)
Child = Wisdom, Output, Rhetoric (How?)

The three are currently not working together as one.


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