Did Philip K. Dick disclose the real Matrix in 1977?

Gnostic Philip K. Dick, author of books turned movies Blade Runner, Total Recall, and Minority Report, revealed the existence of the Matrix to humanity at a live press conference in 1977…  here is the only known excerpt from this exposé on video.   For his seminal Gnostic work, “The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick“, see the following link: Read more »

A Gnostic Perspective: Adamic vs Pre-Adamic Man

Humans are not all created equal, as there are two creative processes running side by side in this current material reality; both Adamic man and pre-Adamic man coexist on this earth together. Adamic man has access, albeit somewhat cut off, to his crown chakra and Source, but pre-Adamic man does not have a crown chakra / higher self in the same way as Adamic man does. It was Source that breathed into Adamic […] Read more »

Nathan Explains Duality & Unity Consciousness (Video)

Nathan explains the concepts of both duality and unity consciousness, as well as contrasting their differences. Is it sitting around a campfire singing songs, is it uniting against a common enemy, or is it patriotism? Might unity be something completely different? Check out the video to find out more about the two systems of experiencing life… Check out part two HERE. Read up on the Trivium method of critical thinking […] Read more »

Twin Flames are a Metaphor – Nathan & Aline

Twin Flames are a metaphor for something very powerful and needed here on our planet. They have come to embody this metaphor and live it for others to see, learn from, and emulate…but first, they must make it through the journey to embody it together — to embody the Divine Marriage of Unity Consciousness within themselves and their union. More on the Trivium method of critical thinking: http://theUnityProcess.com/trivium Music Track […] Read more »