As Above So Below – Symbolism What Does it Mean?

Excellent video and logic.  I’ve been seeing this very same thing where people automatically ascribe “evil” to a hermetic principle because Satanists use it, which is logic of the worst kind, for the same reason that a Satanist using a hammer or pencil will never make a hammer or pencil evil.

In information technology there is a concept known as “Data Mapping”, which is where the variables in one table are “mapped” to correspond to variables in a different table. This is the EXACT same principle as correspondence in Hermeticism (Natural Law), as variables in our current reality “map” to variables in other realities, and because of this, we can know the other realities by knowing ourselves here in this reality. This also works with our inner nature and how it corresponds to the outer world we interact in, as well as how we think and behave as individuals corresponds to how we we think and behave as groups. If we fix things at a group level, things will be fixed at a group level, but most people try to fix them at the group level, and force them on the individual, which is a reversal of cause and effect (as cause and effect is another correspondence that is connected together).

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