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What others are saying:

Nathan and Aline are unique in their approach to healing. I’ve had experience in traditional therapy, and group therapy as well as more modern regression techniques and empaths.

I believe Nathan & Aline’s approach stands alone in that they join the healing journey with you. It’s a collaborative approach with Aline focused more on energies and higher-level insights, and Nathan more on the right questions to move the process forward.

It’s experiential in the sense that it’s very difficult to explain until you get to the place where powerful shadow work is the journey you’re looking for. It’s much more like a case discussion in Business or Law School than a doctor/patient-style relationship, or surgeon/wound approach. However, there’s no lecturing, it’s much more akin to small-group shared learning. You all go in together, and come out together with valuable insights for all involved. In this way, the two of them are as engaged as you are on your healing journey.

Xx Gratitude.


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Aline and Nathan offer a safe space to open up and express your emotion. They have many tools and skills, both as individuals and as a couple, from years of mastery and dedication. Together they have developed a process that works. Their process is like a road, that if walked with personal commitment and personal responsibility, will lead you to understanding and wisdom. Their process allows you to face your emotions safely because they are their to guide you in the direction of discovering who you are as an individual. They walk you safely down that path. With their assistance you will be able to see what these emotions are trying to show you, tracing the pattern back and integrating a belief system that is healthier to assist you in becoming a healthy individual that can function properly in the world. They are not only a teacher of the process but students because process requires it. ~Amber, Oklahoma

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I began my session package with a heavy burden of limiting beliefs, and ended it with a pleasant feeling of ease and lightness. Meeting my inner child was one of the most transforming experiences of this course. I hope that as an EFT practitioner I can help other people use critical thinking, at least to some extent, in order to live more happily and consciously. ~Roya, Iran