Integrated Woman Intensive

Are you ready for authentic female empowerment?

An integrated woman does not just attract men, she will attract and inspire men, women, and children. They will not just revel in her beauty, they will discover and revel in their own beauty. They will not bow at her feet, and she would never ask them to. Men will not want to leave their wives in the presence of such a woman, no, they will feel inspired to love their partner’s more deeply, and their wives will be inspired to understand themselves and their men more deeply. The duality feelings of devotion and jealousy will not surround this woman, since she will uplift and awaken all; there is nothing but love and understanding.

A Divine woman does NOT light up the room with just her presence, she lights up the room by inspiring others to light it with her. She will never outshine somebody for her own egotistical purposes, but she will pick up the ‘dimmest light’ in the room, match it (understand it!) and then start transforming it from there… No bypassing, no standing alone under a spotlight. A Divinely integrated woman NEVER stands alone, for people will find themselves in her.

~The Integrated Woman Manifesto

ATTENTION! LIMITED OFFER! We are finishing up our renewed Integrated Woman Intensive Package and we are going to do one trial run starting next week. This is a fully immersive six week long package where you will receive all the tools, techniques and personal attention to transform your stories and become a completely empowered woman. Your feminine desires, gifts and talents will be developed, and as a result it will DRASTICALLY change your relationships and your life.

We will do this trial run only once and for a limited amount of women. We expect these women to be ready to fully commit to gain all the benefits offered in this package. Your session, all classes, Q&A’s and other content will be LIVE, and you will also receive a replay. This package is a result of +10 years of intense inner work, both on my own and with my partner, and I am confident that you will find an abundance of benefit should you join.

What you will receive :

  • The full Unity Process training program (Natural Law, Shadow Work, Socratic Dialogue, Boundary Magic, and Conscious Arguing)
  • The Feelings wheel course + copy of the updated feelings wheel
  • The Angelic Reconnection workshop
  • Weekly Q+A’s sessions
  • Private Facebook Group
  • One private 60 min session

I will be connecting to the Angels, Guides and Higher selves of the women who will join to assure deep and lasting transformations on the issues that need for you personally, as well as for the group collectively.

This six week long intensive begins on March 4th, 2019 and will ultimately be sold for €1500 (Euros) in the future, but for the women who join for the trial run, we will only ask €125 (Euros), along with their honest feedback.

Are you interested in the Integrated Woman Intensive?  If so, please fill out the application form below, and we will contact you within 24 hours.  We’ll only be accepting 20-30 women for this special introductory LIVE course.