Polarized or Dualized?

Yin Yang PolarityIn our previous article, “What Does Balance and Neutrality Really Mean?“, we mentioned that one aspect of duality “is it’s propensity to cause a war between true opposites, whereas unity (mastery) is the transformation of the false opposites and the (re)union of the true opposites.  Now we’re going to explain why people are yearning for polarity, but when they attempt to find it they instead learn to mistrust their opposite polarity, thus causing them to fragment and dualize more in a war against their opposite — and away from their own polarity.

“True balance is when we settle into our chosen polarity without fear or wavering, which then magnetizes our opposite to us in Divine Union, and it is this merging of the two opposites that causes balance.  Additionally, polarization to one extreme is how the Law of Attraction actually works for our benefit…” ~Nathan & Aline

“Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.” ~The Kybalion, the Fourth Hermetic Principle of Polarity

With this groundwork laid, lets look at how we are searching for polarity, rather than polarizing, through using counterfeit images and fantasies to “do” polarized, rather than by “being” polarized.  It is when we act polarized by imitating an image, which is an elaborate fantasy of what we are told polarization looks like, that we are able to attract a person who is also searching for their polarity.  When they see our image, which looks like the fantasy that they perceive is needed to obtain the feeling of being polarized, they are then able to think they are polarized, which causes both their feelings and actions to show the effects of polarity; this feeling and body response makes one feel powerful, and is quite addictive.  This lines up with the pattern of reality generation, which goes:

Thoughts → Feelings → Actions

However, we can be manipulated and deceived by the image, where we pretend to be polarized:

I am with an image of what I think polarization should look like, therefore I think I am polarized → I therefore feel polarized → I therefore act polarized

While there are many polarities available to experience, such as dark and light, in and out, up and down, me and you, positive and negative, and teacher and student, we will examine sex, since it is an easy way to relate how this false polarity actually plays out, especially when two people first meet and the passion flows.  After all, it is common for a partner to feel extremely aroused and orgasmic when they are with a partner whom they first meet, when they perceive the other is polarized.

For example:  A man smooth talks his lover into believing that she is desirable, sexy, sensual, and attractive, whispering in her ear how turned on he is, and touching her in all the ways he thinks she wants to be touched, or how he was taught to touch a woman to get a great response from her.  Her thoughts tell her that she must be polarized since he is acting like this towards her, therefore she both feels and acts polarized, going into orgasm, and sometimes orgasm after orgasm.  Since he is only telling her this to polarize her, he himself isn’t actually polarized and feeling it as well, therefore he isn’t thinking it, feeling it, or acting it out for real, but is deceiving her for his own ego boost and personal gain.

Once she is done with her orgasms and feels satisfied, it is now her turn to make him feel polarized, and he can relax into it and have his orgasm to wrap up the lovemaking session.  She does this by talking dirty to him, acting sexy, making certain faces, moaning, and basically acting like a good porn movie should, which allows him to polarize enough to climax and finish his experience.  Once in a great while a couple is able to climax together, making each other feel like they are both polarized at the same time, but they aren’t truly connecting, but each are connecting to the image and fantasy of how they think sex with their partner should look and be, not with their actual partner.  They are literally flattering each other into believing they are polarized, which causes them to feel polarized, and then their bodies can respond as polarized (Think → Feel → Act).

Since they are not actually in union with each other though, but with their mythical image and fantasy, they are not truly creating something together, rather they are creating something with an astral or etheric influence that is tied to their image.  The energy is drained and goes elsewhere, and not into their daily lives and creative intent.  This is why sex can be so addictive, and feel like a drain to the partner most feeding the addiction of the other, especially if one side is more adept at making the other feel polarized, and unable to receive the same treatment back.  There are also those couples that are so imbalanced that one side is demanding to receive the feeling of polarization, and the other is just their slave who must give their partner the illusion of polarization each time (such as in staunch patriarchal societies).  This is the draw of porn, as it is nothing but an image inducing the viewer into a false sense of polarity, and whatever flavor of porn arouses and turns them on the most, is just what they perceive as their opposite on an unconscious level.  So in this false reality, at best a couple is creating sand castles together, and at worst one side is being siphoned of their creative life force energy without receiving the illusion of polarization back; this is why Tantric practices commonly teach abstinence from penile or clitoral orgasms during sex, to allow the charade of polarization to last longer.

In this old way of having sex, both sides are going to become dualized, where one is going to be the victim or the hero, but if taking on either of those roles is too much pain to handle, the victim can become the seductress and the hero can become the villain.  A villain is tired of sacrificing and playing the hero to make victims feel polarized, and therefore disconnects from feminine victim, while the seductress is tired of playing the victim to pull in a hero, and instead seduces a hero to themselves, which allows the villain and seductress an easier path to feeling polarized.  The hero gives the illusion of polarization to the victim and seductress, and the seductress gives the image of polarization to the villain, but both the villain and seductress get tired of the pathetic heroes and victims, and usually like to play their games on each other the most — its a challenge!

In the previous article, we said:

“Anytime that we ask for something without first being polarized, which would automatically attract it to us, we will feel ashamed, because we’re not being responsible enough to maintain our polarization.  When we are polarized, we attract our opposite, but if we are neutral in our desire, we will instead have to ask for it, since we are unable to attract it to us.  It is our responsibility to be one or the other, and if we are not, we are being irresponsible…” ~Nathan & Aline

The seductress and the villain are tired of asking to feel polarized, and tired of feeling the associated neediness and shame, as the shame comes from their inability to BE polarized, therefore they learn to either forcibly take it, or seduce it, from heroes and victims; which perpetuates the cycle of trauma of the heroes and victims. This trauma creates fear and distrust of the opposites, where men distrust women and women distrust men; so that the very opposites that people are meant to polarize and unite with are now the enemy that must be connected with.  This makes us think of the saying, “cant’ live with them, and can’t live without them either”; meaning, we are afraid of needing them, but we also crave reunion to our polar opposite.

All of these images create false polarities, also known as dualities.  For example, one partner may be running the “Prince Charming” program/image, while the other may be running the “Princess” program/image, which allows for them to meet in a passionate polarized experience, but since they aren’t actually meeting each other but meeting their image of each other, they aren’t in actual union with their polarity, but instead in union with a false duality image; many so-called soulmate unions are actually a false duality union of programs/images coming together, especially the prince/princess false duality.

Images cause us to “do” polarity rather than “being” polarized, and society says that as long as we are acting the part of the image that they passed onto us, then we are being responsible little citizens.  However, responsibility isn’t about our ability to play the role handed to us by society, but comes from our conscious ability to master our polarities, and stay polarized no matter what might be going on around us.  Our true creative power comes from “being” polarized, attracting our external opposite to ourselves to unite with them, each staying firmly in our own polarity, and not flipping into the other’s polarity.  When the two polarities are in union, and not in union with a dualistic image of polarity, their creative output is exponential and powerful.  Wile this is an internal union of polarities, it will be reflected by a material manifestation of union with an external being.

This union is often called:

  1. The Divine Marriage
  2. Divine Union
  3. Unity Consciousness
  4. The Alchemical Marriage

Notice that we are not “one” by being the same, genderless, and polarity-less, but we are “One” by polarizing and reuniting with our opposites.  Divine Union is not obtained through mastering an image of how we are told that we should be and act, nor is it through castrating our polarity and becoming polar and gender neutral.  It is only through embracing who we actually are and firmly planting ourselves in our polarity/identity, that empowers our ability to attract our opposite to us, that we find Oneness and Unity.

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