Request a Channeling with Aline

Ask Aline three questions about overcoming behavioral patterns, negative experiences, and unsatisfying outcomes in your life, as she offers philosophically, logically, psychologically, and metaphysically sound channelings with her/your angels and guides.

Aline will channel the answers, while Nathan will perform a Socratic dialogue with the channeled answers until he is satisfied with the completeness of each answer. Each person’s questions and answers will be recorded and sent to them via a link to download with Dropbox, and will remain private.  We’ll take all of the questions we receive throughout the week and Aline will channel their answers every Sunday, and we’ll send out the recordings within a few days. 

Please select the “Channeling w/ Aline” option for $55 USD, and after you pay you’ll be sent back to this page to fill out the form, and you can proceed to submit your three questions.

Wow!!!!! This was absolutely amazing. I was somewhat aware of this, but not even consciously. Thank you, it was so helpful. So great and well worded, so that it made sense to me. ~Julia, Canada

* * * *

After hearing from Aline & Nathan, I felt like I had a better understanding of myself. The channeling gave me clarity, awareness, and a better sense of how to move forward in my life. I immediately felt more secure in my body and more confident in my interactions. Aline & Nathan are invaluable! ~Katrina, Canada

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