Donate to Tzipporah’s Travel Expenses

We just found out that my 19 year old daughter has an inoperable brain tumor in a very dangerous location, and like the true entrepreneur that she is, she is raising money by selling Christmas cards she designed to pay for her travel expenses to the hospital in Phoenix, 5 hours from her home. She’ll be going weekly for treatments, and paying for herself and the expenses of her companion who will be driving her.

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There’s no easy way to put this or sugar coat what’s been going on. So for anyone who doesn’t know me- my name is Tzipporah. I’m 19 years old. As some as you know and a lot of you don’t- this past month they found a large brain tumor in an unfortunately dangerous spot. The surgery for it risks paralyzation/ could be fatal, they are still contemplating whether or not they want to risk it. BUT I do start radiation appointments on December 23rd. Being vulnerable is something I’m not quite good at- and neither is asking for help. But I’m starting up donation prices for the Christmas cards I made this year if anyone is able to help in any way. All of my appointments are 3-5 hours away and will be starting up very frequently. I understand the holidays are a bit tight for everyone, but even just a share and a prayer would mean the world to me. I have about 40 cat cards and 80 Lydia cards available and was selling them at $5 a card, or if you are able to help in any way it would mean so much to me. (Please add $3 for international shipping.)

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If you want a Christmas card, please let me know which you’d like along with a good mailing address 💕 (When paying, please write in which card you prefer to receive in the “write a note” field.)

I have 2 card options to choose from. A cute kitty in a crystal ball and a Lydia Deetz- beetlejuice card as well. They are single sided post cards  I also want to give a huge thank you for the support I’ve been given through this time and the prayers everyone has sent me. It truly warms my heart knowing so many people care about me and I truly appreciate it❤️ thank you for taking time to read this! ✨ 












Thank you for your kind support,
Tzipporah Martin