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Duality to Unity Feelings Wheel

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Purchase a “Duality to Unity Feelings Wheel” and a comprehensive tutorial on how to use it, for use in your Shadow Work, Anima/Animus work, and the Unity Process.  Created by Nathan & Aline, you can use it within your own private process in order to upgrade your understanding of yourself, why you are feeling as you are feeling, and why you are behaving as you are behaving.

The original Feeling Wheel was developed by Dr. Gloria Wilcox, for more on how to use a standard Feeling Wheel, please see the article and associated video “Increase the Effectiveness of EFT with a Feelings Wheel” on our EFT blog.  We worked with the original Feeling Wheel for several years, and over the course of our work discovered that each of the “negative feelings” had a second feeling associated with it, usually something that society would think was positive.

For example, we found that “helpless” on the Feeling Wheel was paired with the supposed positive feeling of “helpful”, and the pair was opposite of the unity feeling of “loving”.  When both aspects are cleared, both the helpless and the helpful, the ability to again be “loving” emerges.  Being able to understand the spectrum of the two sides of any argument or power struggle, is an invaluable tool that brings understanding to ourselves and our clients.

“I have been using your feelings wheel for the past couple of days and I think it is absolutely brilliant! It is a simple tool that I can use whenever I’m triggered, that can quickly help me move to clarity. Referring to this wheel is helping me understand my codependent and unconscious patterns. Thank you, Nathan and Aline, for sharing this with us! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” ~Annie, North Carolina

What you’ll receive for €40 €20:

  1. A downloadable, high-res “Duality to Unity Feelings Wheel” in .PDF format
  2. A 47 minute video tutorial on how to use the “Duality to Unity Feelings Wheel” by Aline Van Meer and Nathan Martin
  3. A 15 minute video tutorial called “How to Handle a Trigger”, with a worksheet to use while in a trigger.
  4. Lifetime updates to the Duality to Unity Feelings Wheel, as well as to tutorials and other materials that we might add.


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