The Integrated Woman

The Integrated Woman intensive is lead by Aline Van Meer, who has been leading Angelic workshops and helping men, women, and couples get in touch with their inner guidance, and process their feelings, limiting beliefs and blocks, for over ten years.

The intensive is organized only 2 times a year, once in Spring and once in Fall. Both are potent since both seasons are transformative in nature. In the Autumn intensive, the focus will be on connection and going within to deepen the communication with spirit and eternal guidance. Like the leaves falling from the trees, aspects of our old self that are no longer needed are going to fall away. It is time to harvest your inner talents and embrace the manifestation of them more fully. the Autumn intensive will focus even more on deepening the connection with the other-world and with the eternal guidance that is there for you.

I believe this is an event that is already arranged energetically and the ladies that are ´meant´ to take part will be there. So I trust the intuition and guidance of each individual to find their way to me and this program if it aligns. I have always done my Angelic workshops this way, and I have seen miraculous connections take place because of it.

If you intuitively feel that you might want to be part of it, please fill out the application form, and I will connect with you shortly. This program will last one month, and only 12 applicants will be accepted.

You are free to share this offering with other ladies that you feel might benefit from it.

With love and respect I gratefully look forward to our joyful co-creation.