The Removal of Logic: The Formula for Patriarchy

The Removal of Logic: The Formula for PatriarchyDEFINITIONS
According to Wikipedia, a Negative feedback loop “occurs when some function of the output of a system, process, or mechanism is fed back in a manner that tends to reduce the fluctuations in the output, whether caused by changes in the input or by other disturbances.”  In this way, a negative feedback loop is a governor meant to limit disturbances, prevent specific types of change, and provide stability.

Stable/Stability:  “(of an object or structure) not likely to give way or overturn; firmly fixed. “specially designed dinghies that are very stable” synonyms: firm, solid, steady, secure, fixed, strong, fast, stout, sturdy, safe, moored, anchored, stuck down, immovable, well built, well constructed, substantial.”

Fallacy comes from the root Latin word “fallere” and “fallax”, which means “deceive” or “deceiving”.

Logical Fallacy: “in philosophy, the term formal fallacy for logical fallacies and defined formally as: a flaw in the structure of a deductive argument which renders the argument invalid.”  I would take this a step further, considering the etymology of fallacy, which is the Latin word “fallere”, meaning that logical fallacies are deceptive logic; they are quite literally a lie.  Deceptive logic can be spread either consciously or unconsciously.

The formula for patriarchy can be summed up in the following quote found in Isaiah 33:6, which is memorialized at the bottom of the RCA building in NYC:

Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy time.

Sexual reproduction is a metaphor which perfectly explains the Trivium method of critical thinking, where the information from man’s seed is combined with the information in the woman’s egg within her uterus during sexual intercourse; this is the initial phase of gathering knowledge from the five senses and the material realm for processing.  Next, the woman holds the information in her womb for processing (which according to Wikipedia, the Kabbalistic concept of understanding is “the womb, which gives shape to the Spirit of God,” and is also “deductive reasoning.”), until which time it is ready for output, which is childbirth.  The output of the creation, which is the child in this metaphor, is wisdom; the Trivium methodology may be tied into the Trinity doctrine, where you find the Father, Mother, and child.

In this metaphor, knowledge (input / grammar) is masculine, understanding (processing / logic) is feminine, and their output (rhetoric) is the synthesis of knowledge and understanding into wisdom, which is the child of their union. Becoming conversant with the Trivium pattern of relating provides the foundation of a powerful life, while becoming fluent in this pattern provides the foundation of a transcendent life. However, removing any of the pieces of this pattern of relating, or placing them out of order, is the foundation of a disempowered and enslaved life.  As you notice in the patriarchal formula above, wisdom and knowledge are out of order, and feminine understanding was removed altogether.

The removal of logic, which is the feminine trait of processing knowledge to gain understanding, was more than likely a purposeful tactic to create a negative feedback loop that caused stability for the structure that has enslaved the masses of humanity within it; removing feminine understanding from the equation would make the control structure patriarchal.  A patriarchal society is probably the most efficient means of mass control, because they insert logical fallacies (deceptions / lies) in the place of logic, thus creating a negative feedback loop that provides stability for their control system, which keeps the controlled in an illusory reality.

The experience of a liberated and sovereign life occurs when the five senses are utilized to gain knowledge of a situation, which is “what” questions and answers from the masculine.  Then the initial knowledge (information / data) is processed, which is the “why” questions and answers from the feminine.  Once processing begins, both knowledge and understanding spirals up and down like a corkscrew, where additional data can be considered if necessary, which allows for a continual refinement of information and removal of all contradictions.  The output of the data that has been processed is called wisdom (their child), which is how the data is communicated, and used in a practical manner.

In the Trivium method of critical thinking, the natural progression of questions looks like this:

what? → why? → how?

In the patriarchal version of the Trivium though, you see the mother (logic) has been replaced with deceptive logic (logical fallacies), to cause a negative feedback loop that keeps the power Elite in control of their slaves.  In this version, people jump from their initial gathering of information, based upon a feeling, an association, an attachment, etc., and then jump straight into action with that knowledge.

In the Patriarchal method of thinking, the counterfeit progression looks like this:

what? → how?

Or may look like this as well:

how? → what?

In the patriarchal system, the enslaved experience a problem, then seek an immediate action to remedy that problem, but they do so without first trying to understand “why” the problem is there in the first place.  They may also ask a “how” question, and receive the answer “go to school to gain more knowledge”, so that they can then learn “what”.  In both cases, the logical fallacies (deceptions / false “why”) are in place to act as a bridge that passes over logic, to prevent any actual processing of information, so that the enslaved must continue to jump from “what” to “how”, or from “how” to “what”.

In the reproductive metaphor, if the output from the mother’s womb is based upon deceptive logic, it will cause it to be a distorted creation.  The patriarchal creation from the mother’s womb is not her own then, but based on the knowledge given to her from the control system, and outputted to perpetuate the control system.  The substitution of logical fallacies for actual logic is probably the reason why women are  stereotyped as being illogical, because that is their specified role in the patriarchal control system.  Additionally, those women who choose to plunge headfirst into the role of deceptive logic, lies, and manipulation are known as the “seductress / whore” archetype (not to be confused with a slut or prostitute).

The patriarchal methodology mimics how children develop cognitively, where they are in an open state of hypnosis prior to the age of eight, and lack the ability to logically process information until their frontal lobes are fully developed.  Children jump immediately from what to how without the ability to think critically, through mimicking what they see their environment do, and then repeating it; children act out in a “monkey see, monkey do” pattern.  In our current age, it is the responsibility of parents, schools, society, governments, advertising, media, video games, and other products, to keep individuals from utilizing their critical thinking skills as much as possible, except for instances where it might help further the control system.  Critical thinking is utilized in the patriarchal system only as a means of furthering the goals of the control system and the group, rather than assisting the creativity and happiness of the individual.

The New Age movement has catchy phrases and slogans such as “womb wisdom”, “goddess worship”, and the “return of the Divine feminine”, while still utilizing the old patriarchal formula of bypassing logic in favor of deception.  In truth though, the “return of the Divine feminine” is the return of logic and reason to life experience, and the womb is the intended safe space needed to nurture understanding, but only after enough information has been gathered.  This may be “why” it takes a child nine months to develop fully in their mother’s womb, as any wisdom that outputs from her womb that has not had enough time, or accumulated enough data, may not be a very wise creation.  Additionally, it is our opinion that all of the current “goddess worship” is just repackaged patriarchy with feminine lace and lingerie, and a means of keeping the patriarchal deception going — at the expense of true feminine understanding and logic.

Have you fallen for the ruse, and believed the lies of irrational thought patterns?  Do you bypass logic, and thus your own feminine, in the hopeful attempt to satisfy your attachments to lust and greed?  Or are you seeking to break free from the old patriarchal conditioning of “what” then “how”, by inserting “why” back into the middle of the equation?  If you are in the latter group, then we highly suggest learning the Trivium method of critical thinking, especially returning to the truth of feminine logic; which will re-pattern your mind to serve your individuality, creativity, and ultimately allow you regain your personal power.  We also suggest that you learn the logical fallacies, how they are used, and seek to unravel “why” you are still emotionally attached to their promised outcomes.  Letting go of your emotional attachments, and infusing the Trivium method of critical thinking into your personal relationships, is what we call the Unity Process; if this is of interest to you, please contact us.

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