Unity Tantra Sessions: Now in Europe!

Hello, I’m Nathan with the Divine Pollination Hive and the Unity Process. I’m making available a new session format for local women in the Netherlands, as well as those from nearby Germany and Belgium, who wish to take their personal development and healing to the next level.

Unity Tantra sessions use universal life force energy to remove resistance from their lives by identifying and processing through any major blocks they might have. The goal of this form of Tantra is not orgasm, but connection—especially connection to themselves!

Unity Tantra is called such because it is based on the pattern of consciousness that is connected to 5D unity. It is about unifying one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors within themselves, and experiencing more embodiment in a way that is both safe and free, so that they can co-create with other autonomous creators in a connected, productive, and meaningful way.

All sessions are performed on a massage table and usually fully clothed.  For some advanced sessions, depending on the amount of trust we’ve developed and the issue that’s being worked on, it may involve intimate physical touch. As you can imagine, it is my job as your Tantric practitioner to constantly check and re-check for your consent, to ensure that you are comfortable while we go deeper into your experience. You have complete freedom to stop any session at any time, and I’m more than willing to modify my approach to fit your comfort zone. (*For a video demonstration of what a session might look like, please click the following link.)

As you might imagine, sessions can be quite orgasmic and pleasurable,with some orgasmic experiences lasting long after the session has finished—and what a way to grow, integrate, and learn life lessons! However, they are also often filled with emotional pain, tears, and memories of past traumas. I hold space for the women in my sessions so that they can fully feel and process their pain, and this ends their suffering.

Those interested in sessions with me must be willing to take full responsibility for their past traumas, their current emotional states and triggers, as well as the quality of their life’s creations. I can only partner with and help those women who are willing and capable to take the next step in their personal evolutionary process; without this internal commitment to self-responsibility, we will not be able to accomplish very much together. In a session, I’m not acting as your healer, I’m merely acting as a qualified guide to your healing.

Speaking of my qualifications, what are they? It’s not just about what techniques I am using in a Unity Tantra session, but “who” is using the techniques in a session. When I move universal life force energy in a Unity Tantra session, it is intimately connected to who I have become as a result of all of my own personal inner work, as well as all of my experiences with past clients—all of which affects my clients during our sessions together.

  • I have 30+ years as a mystic, alchemist, and philosopher.
  • I have 11+ years of experience working with sexual abuse and other childhood trauma.
  • I have 20+ years working with psychology and personal boundaries. I’ve even developed my own form of magic called “Boundary Magic” which combines natural law with setting healthy psychological boundaries.
  • Lastly, I have 9+ years working with sexual life force energy in myself and with others.

If you’re interested in learning more, and taking this next step in your evolutionary journey, please fill out the contact form below to schedule your complimentary 20 minute Zoom consultation. I look forward to connecting with you.