Why Is God To Be Found Through Rationality?

Everything that takes us away from God is frivolous and irrational. Everything that brings us towards God is non-frivolous and rational. Not because God is boring but because God is reasonable, logical and even simple. However, because our world has become so infected with frivolity and irrationality, God remains lost within it. As long as ‘why’ does not exist in our experience God will remain misunderstood, unseen and unknown to ourselves. As long as ‘why’ does not exist in our experience We will remain misunderstood, unseen and unknown to ourselves.

Why is God to be found through rationality? We are born into a world that is based on programming. We are all running off of this programming and unseen, unconscious influences in our daily lives. Unseen and unknown influences that we run off because we don’t know any different, we are basically on autopilot. We are on autopilot until something may cause us to start to question our behaviour and who we are. We start to examine our actions, our beliefs and who we are being. We start to work towards flying the plane ourselves, as such, through coming to our own conclusions.

When we start to question ourselves, we not only open the door to understanding ourselves but also our experience here on Earth. When we start to understand our experience here on earth we slowly start to understand the Universe and our part in it, with wisdom and knowing becoming unlocked and remembered within us with each step we take. But we have to do the work.

It is only through rationality that programming and unconscious behaviour patterns can be seen, understood and removed to allow this to happen. And people may talk about the heart and how the heart is the key to finding and experiencing God, how the mind has nothing to do with it and even that the mind should be ‘lost’, is the enemy, or even works against the heart. And this is one of the greatest and most damaging myths circulating. Using the mind through rational thinking and coming to logical conclusions in order to understand ourselves, what we are and what we are not, is the path and key to authentic wholeness and self love. In turn it is the key to embodying a powerful and balanced heart through those findings and therefore God.