Engineered Scarcity & the Lack of Human Resourcefulness

Scarcity is a lie, it doesn’t exist. It is a manufactured mindset that was crafted with the intention of making humanity feel afraid, so that they would support the agendas of unscrupulous politicians (and their hidden puppet masters that employ them) who use scarcity as their reasoning for implementing further controls. Scarcity engenders fear and makes it easier to control the masses, while abundance engenders security and makes it more difficult to control the masses. The universe, and more locally, our planet, is abundant – it has all of the resources needed to last indefinitely without depletion, as long as natural principles are adhered to and natural cycles are aligned with.

For example, a self-sustaining oasis can be grown in the desert by following permaculture principles, and it has even been demonstrated to work, but such experiments are usually shut down for no apparent reason. The real reason probably has something to do with keeping the status quo of scarcity intact, because a lack of resources is good for political posturing. Free energy, not just the silly political slogan of renewable / green energy, was developed by Nikola Tesla back in 1917, but was shut down by JP Morgan when it was evident that there wouldn’t be any way to make money from it’s abundance. Oil and petrol based cars could have been phased out by the late 1930’s worldwide, but we’re still addicted to gasoline. Tesla Motors? What a joke, electric cars would have been self-powered by the 1930’s as well, and would have been the replacement for oil.

These are just two examples of hundreds where resourcefulness is controlled to ensure that resources are scarce. The only resource crisis we have is a manufactured mindset of lack that keeps people believing that resources are scarce, by causing them to focus on things that shouldn’t be our primary resources in the first place, and by discouraging open ended resourcefulness. When resourcefulness is encouraged, it is only within the limited framework of upholding the status quo of scarcity.

“Resources are not a problem, but an engineered lack of resourcefulness as a mindset is a problem. We don’t need more resources, we need a mindset shift that emphasizes and nurtures human resourcefulness.” ~Nathan & Aline

Greening the desert examples:

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