Truth, Justice, Love, & Respect Self-Hypnosis MP3

Welcome to those who have read the article Boundaries & Affirmations for Channeling the “Other Side” and are interested in learning more about my self-hypnosis tracks on programming in Truth, Justice, Love, & Respect into their subconscious mind. This Self-hypnosis MP3 is designed to program your subconscious mind with the following message: that you can “radiate out truth, justice, love, and respect from your inner being, and expect it back from life, every moment of every day.” It is good for those wanting to experience more truth and justice in their lives, and for those who are wishing to only connect with higher beings that are aligned with truth and justice, love and respect, when they attempt to find answers beyond the veil of reality.

I have used a very specific combination of binaural beats and other technological tricks to induce a hypnotic trance  when listeners use my self-hypnosis tracks. I developed these for my own use based on a computer program designed to create self-hypnosis tracks, and based upon a professional hypnotist and personal mentor’s instructions to me; I paid him to teach me how to use the program, and he gave me a refined and effective script to use to insert the insights that I discover on my journeys to program myself with, and I record them and they are subliminally repeated and delivered via the track to the subconscious mind. I have used the majority of my tracks on myself, but I found that my clients, friends, and family were also interested in receiving the benefit from them, so I changed “my and I” to “you”, and re-recorded them all for others to also gain benefits from.

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