Master Yoda vs Dark Yoda

It is the task of the Gray mystic to seek out and confront the dark shadows within themselves, face to face, rather than suppressing them, avoiding them, or denying their existence. Our shadows hold much wisdom in their messages to us, and grant us power, if we will but listen to their voice and shine the light of conscious awareness upon them. A suppressed shadow will always come back to haunt us; they will show up in the most inopportune moments if we avoid them for too long. The dark mystics indulge their shadows, the light mystics avoid their shadows, and the gray mystics observe, honor, and integrate (merge with) their shadows.

While we do not necessarily agree with the full content of this clip, it contains some wisdom and is a good metaphor for confronting our shadow.  Rather than obliterate it, seek to learn from it, love it, and reintegrate it back into your Self.  The Unity Process is our means of reintegrating our fragmented shadows, so that we might experience wholeness and peace within.

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