Thanos and Overpopulation – an Analysis of Fallacies in The Avengers: Infinity War

Do you think that overpopulation is a myth?  If so, why would such a myth be perpetuated on a regular basis by so many so-called elites in various industries such as philanthropy, entertainment, politics, etc.? Could this be another form of guilt manipulation, such as we see with “white privilege”, “heterosexual privilege”, and “male privilege” (as in, are we also supposed to feel guilty for being alive)? What other reasons might be behind this myth?

For a real world example of a course of action taken to address this myth, look no further than Planned Parenthood’s “Jaffe Memo”, which was a memo sent in 1969 to recommend possible courses of action to limit population growth in the United States, as well as abroad.  All of them have been implemented into society, which is terrifying.

Here is the photocopy of the original memo as a PDF file:

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