The Last Jedi and the 7 Basic Questions of Narrative Drama

My comment on the YouTube video:

This gave me another perspective to consider, and I appreciate the breakdown that you gave us explaining your viewpoint in detail. It gives me a deeper insight into human nature, especially with our own conflict between our wants and needs. However, with that said, I do believe that you gave us a straw man and a false dichotomy, which are logical fallacies, at the very end of your video, where you stated that the fans “wanted a retread and fan service of old concepts”, and we instead “got what we needed” with this new direction. The straw man was that you misrepresented what the fans actually wanted; no, we did not want a retread and fan service, as that is what upset us about “the Force Awakens”, we wanted logical character progression of our old heroes that fit their psychological profiles from the OT, new heroes that would go through strong character development, who would go through the twelve stages found in the monomyth pattern that Joseph Campbell identified in his writings, and strong world building like George Lucas gave us. The false dichotomy you presented is between the straw man and the direction that the Last Jedi gave us, because we were expecting a third option, which I mentioned before. For all of the errors of the Prequel trilogy, we still were given amazing world building and psychologically sound character arcs that fit into the monomyth pattern, this new series has not.


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