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Many arguments and misunderstandings occur between those who are disposed to esoteric relating and those who are disposed to exoteric relating; let us explain. Exoteric people are more concerned with their relationship to the “outside” and “external” aspects of things, as they do not look at what is within (cause), but prefer to deal in the realm of effects; religions are an example of exoteric spirituality. However, esoteric people are more concerned with relating to the “inside” and “internal” aspects of things, where they do not worry about the external appearances (effects) as much as they care about their internal root causes; the mystical traditions are an example of esoteric spirituality.

When these two classifications of people attempt to philosophize together, or provide solutions to world problems, etc., they will be unable to communicate in ways that connect, as they are functionally two different patterns of perceiving and relating to life and energy. The esoteric finds their energy from within and creates their life outwards (inside-out), whereas the exoteric is dependent on the external, and tries to bring it back to the Self through consuming it from the outside-in.

While the world is primarily comprised of exoteric people, there does seem to be an awakening of sorts, and it is where many individuals are waking from the collective exoteric dream, and into a deeper esoteric reality. They are moving from blindly accepting prepackaged answers and into asking difficult, paradigm crumbling questions.

The outside-in exoteric perception is not able to be balanced with the inside-out esoteric, as they are completely different flows of directed energy; the first is vampiric, the latter is self-sustaining. The inside-out flow is the result of being balanced, while the outside-in flow is the result of being imbalanced. As an example of directional of energy flow, imagine a person’s chakra system with a torus around the person, and while this is not necessarily representative of an actual pattern of energy flow in a human, it is an example of how the two directions would not be able to be balanced.  If the flow of energy was from the crown down to the root chakra internally, and then feeding back to the crown chakra externally, you have a very specific direction of flow that would be vastly different than if the flow was reversed up from the root chakra internally to the crown chakra, and then feeding back externally to the root chakra. Two different directions of flow do not balance together, in this case, it really is either/or.

It is also important to realize that the either/or mindset is the result of the three becoming the two, where a person would be dualistic because they would go from utilizing only two of their three aspects of thoughts, feelings, and actions. Men typically are binary by thinking and then acting, because they bypass and suppress their feelings, and women are typically binary by feeling and then acting, because they bypass some of their thinking. Thinking, feeling, and then acting, where the three flow as one, results in AND experiences, but when one of the three are removed, it results in dualistic either/or experiences. Balance then is not two sides meeting in the middle, but the two becoming the three and harmonizing as One.

The microcosm and macrocosm, from here on referred to as the micro and macro, are not the esoteric and exoteric, but rather spheres / realms of relational interaction between individuals and parties. The micro would cover interpersonal relationships between people, whereas macro would be the realm of extra-personal relationships on a global scale. Both the micro and macro are the outside aspect of the inside-out and outside-in perception of energy generation. For example, in regards to Aline and I, we have our micro relationship as a romantic couple, and we have our macro business relationship to our clients, viewers, and readers. Our micro and macro relationships are a reflection of our internal state of being / perceptions of life, thus they are both an effect and not a root cause.

Micro and macro are a polarity pair, and are governed by the Hermetic Principles of Polarity and Correspondence, “as above, so below, as below, so above”, where we could say “as micro, so macro”, and “as macro, so micro”. One realm can be understood by understanding any other given realm; the various realms correspond to each other. If a person perceives life outside-in, then they will consume their energy in both the micro and macro realms from the outside-in, but if they perceive life inside-out, then they will generate their energy in both the micro and macro realms from the inside-out.

The internal and external are also governed by the Principles of Polarity and Correspondence, as the outside can be known by going within, and the inside can be known by examining the external; additionally, they are also governed by the Principle of Cause and Effect, where internal is cause and external is effect. The micro and macro are also governed by cause and effect as internal/external are, where the micro patterns within one’s relationships are what cause and influence the macro’s patterns of relating as a collective whole.

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