The Power of Influence

We are always influencing our environment, but are we empowering those around us, or are we enabling and/or shaming them, with our influence?  When we negatively influence our environment, we will usually take actions that fight and control that which we already influenced, as an attempt to make it better — this is the essence of resistance — as we’re swimming against the flow that we initiated.  The conflict between our influence and our actions then shows up around us as an environment of conflict, but if we could just find it within ourselves to positively influence our external environment, then our actions could align and work together with that which we’ve already influenced — resistance free.

When we negatively influencing our external environment, then those we are close to and attract will also be prone to negatively influencing the world around them, including us; as life is a mirror that shows us who we currently are.  However, when a we find the best in each person, then those we are close to and attract will show up as empowered individuals, then we will positively influence them and they will positively influence us, and there will be harmony, peace, and creativity between us.  It is important to realize that influence is not an action or a word, but a state of being and thinking that actually finds the best in ourselves and others easily and effortlessly.  Rather than controlling our external world after we influence it negatively, it is infinitely simpler to change the disposition of our influence to positive, and then work together with that which we have already influenced.  This implies that we must work on our core beliefs and mindset, and find the many reasons why we view ourselves and others negatively, and learn to think ourselves to a new way of being.

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