The Skull and Bones Metaphor

skull-and-bonesThe skull and bones, also known as the Jolly Roger, is a metaphoric representation of a specific mindset devoid of our emotional core. The skull represents our intellect, aka the “what” and knowledge, while the bones represent action, aka the “how” and wisdom. However, the place where our heart should be, the location of our emotional center, is missing, as this represents the “why” and understanding. The typical human being thinks, feels, and then acts, but an emotionally stunted human, especially psychopaths, have thinking that bypasses around their heart and acts devoid of emotional concern for others. This gives them a type of binary unity between their thoughts and actions that allows them to succeed in cutthroat environments, especially at the expense of those who still have an emotional center.

Those with a heart appear disadvantaged in such environments, as they are not willing to go as far into actions that might possibly harm another. In such situations, the people and groups with the least amount of heart always seem to win. While skull and bones thinkers can find a form of unity with their binary relating, the rest of us must work really hard to balance our emotional state, in order to bring it into alignment with our thoughts and actions. This will allow us to experience a triune unity between our thoughts, feelings, and actions, which will far surpass their binary unity of thoughts and actions.

Asking “why” questions may slow down our actions (our “how”), especially when the psychopaths and mind controlled drones quickly obey and act (“how”) upon their thoughts in an immediate manner without asking “why”. However, with some practice and emotional process work, we will be able to far surpass their capacity, and do so in a way that is in harmony with nature and everyone around us.

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