Truth & Honesty

Truth and honesty are not the same thing, as truth is a cyclical process, while honesty is merely an aspect of the overall process of discerning truth. The formula for truth goes like this:

Knowledge (information) + Understanding (reason/logic) – Contradictions = Wisdom (Truth)

Knowledge (missing, partial, or manipulated information) – Understanding (logical fallacies) + Contradictions = Folly (Lies/Deception)

Honesty is part of the knowledge gathering phase of finding truth, but even if some of the information has been concealed or hidden, the truth and validity of a situation can still be determined. This is done by asking more what, who, where, and when questions, utilizing reason, and through resolving any contradictions that might be present in the information, the reasoning, or between them both. While honesty is important to knowing a problem even exists in the first place, it isn’t always needed, as truth can still be discerned without it, through asking the right questions.

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