Why is it Difficult to Manifest my Intentions?

It appears easier for those with a dark agenda, as well as those who are asleep, to get ahead in the world and manifest their intended experience. This is because there are less contradictions between their thoughts, feelings, and actions than are present within those who are awakening from their slumber. A dark being has no problem acting upon their intentions or feelings, and going as far as needed to make their nefarious desires a reality; they do not have inhibitions to harming others in pursuit of their goals, giving them a whole spectrum of possibilities available to act upon. A sleeper has a fairly wide field of options too, as they do not second guess their prison, but think as they’re told, and act upon whatever feels good to them in the moment, except when it comes to things that might be considered harmful to the system; they have a wide range of possibilities, sans illegal activities.

This pattern of reality generation is often called “grounding our intentions”, as it is the ability to manifest our intentions, which is either our conscious and/or unconscious thoughts, into actions.  The reality generation formula looks like this:

Thoughts → Feelings → Actions – Contradictions = Easier to Manifest
Thoughts → Feelings → Actions + Contradictions = Difficult to Manifest

Those who are awakening are the most restricted in their current options for acting however, since they will not go as far as it takes and delve into the realm of harming others, nor will they comply with the rules of the prison system and obey. The awakening are in an awkward phase of having very little wiggle room to act within, since there is a very wide range of contradictions between the truth of who they are, and the reality of what they think, feel, and how they are able to act. The best way for them to regain their personal power in this system is to do the work necessary to remove the contradictions between their current reality and the truth of who they are as aspects of Source consciousness.

While this can be a process, it is definitely worth the effort, as the prison system is ultimately a very narrow playing field and in the ultimate state of contradiction to the Universe and our Source. Those dark beings who seem powerful in this reality are in fact exceedingly powerless in the overall scheme of things, as they are the ones in the most extreme state contradiction to the All; they’re only able to act and feel powerful within the prison’s walls. We feel that utilizing shadow work, in a way that utilizes the Seven Hermetic Principles and the Trivium method of asking questions, is the best means of removing contradictions between a person’s observer self and their thoughts, feelings, and actions. This combination of process work and natural law is what we call the Unity Process.

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