Are You the One?

Since I made my video on the Mandela Effect whistleblower, I’ve received an awful lot of people claiming to be the One mentioned in the video. Because of this trend, I decided to make a video exploring what and who the One actually is, and give myself a video to send as a reply to anybody else who claims to be the One. At the very least, I would safely venture a guess that the One probably wouldn’t be sending me a message or comment with such claims anyway. I explain the phenomena from a psychological and mystical perspective.

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  1. adam r elliot says:

    so many things to say think i projected some of them in while one of the video’s was being made still the full picture of what is happening is hard to handle let alone walk around with in ones mind i am working on a few things some of which i am not allowed to talk about still i figure i was impressed with some of the things you had to say in the video, honestly i would like nothing more than to go over and learn from others in the process of trying to put together a app program that would solve most of todays prolems yes i know how it sounds. still i am able to back up all i say still i am reluctent do to exposure and the big issue of misunderstanding and misperception which often time is just do to well .anyway i just want to push my ”program” forward i begged the nsa to pick me up many times to do much of what i am in private i ened up with lack luster answers so i started pushing limits to get results to make sure humanetity is read and god or lets say the force for good prepairing us regardless of how it is seen. i put out many messages there for people to understand and desifer to see if they where willing to spend the time and effort so yes there was some of which was not clear it would of been to dangerous to do so . 😀

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