Boundaries & Affirmations for Channeling the “Other Side”

It is really easy to figure out lies here in this world through the use of logic, verifying evidence, examining the philosophy of something, and cross referencing it with morality, however, it is far more difficult to use such skills when speaking to beings on the other side of the veil, because we really just can’t verify how things actually are over there due to our inability to verify it with our five senses; communicating beyond the veil therefore requires a high degree of trust on our part. Sure, we can look for contradictions and dig further in an attempt to spot inconsistencies in the stories and information we are gleaning, but that still has its limitations, because contradictions can come from lies, but also from a lack of understanding on our part, so there are still opportunities for the beings we are conversing with over/up there to fill in the gaps with plausible information that is difficult for us to verify.

As the Hermeticists accurately declared via the law of correspondence, “as above, so below, as below, so above”, so if there are liars down here there will undoubtedly be liars up there as well, and if there is misinformation and propaganda down here then there is also a corresponding amount of misinformation and propaganda up there. Sadly, they’re much better at lying up there than liars down here are, because such beings entire purpose is often geared towards keeping those doing the great work down here in check and spinning their wheels, as it is said “the Devil himself can appear as an angel of light”, especially when there is a need for slowing down humanity’s conscious growth. They’re also better liars up there because there’s really no empirical way to use our five senses to determine if something is true or not, therefore we need to discover other ways to ensure we’re able to navigate beyond the veil if we wish to learn more about ourselves by going that route. Because of this need, I have identified some key boundaries and affirmations for those wishing to channel, as a means of deconstructing lies and identifying impostor beings posing as our guides, angels, and friendly ET races, but first, I need to explain some basic definitions and concepts that will actually contextualize the boundaries and affirmations I’ve identified.

First of all, humans are all equipped with two poles on them, each with a positive or negative charge depending on their sex; a woman’s heart pole (chest/breasts) is positive while their root pole (genitals) is negative, while a man’s heart pole (chest/pectorals) is negative and their root pole (genitals) is positive. The negative pole is the active pole and is akin to a question being asked, while a positive pole is the passive pole akin to an answer that is attracted to a question that’s been asked; a positive pole offering up an answer without the negative pole first having asked a question is considered “rape”; so unsolicited advice to those who are not actively seeking an answer is just as rapey as actual rape, it just comes in a different form. In a society that prides itself more on providing, and even volunteering, answers rather than methodically asking solid questions, most of western culture could be considered “rape culture”, with men providing unsolicited answers to women in their genital poles, and women providing unsolicited answers to men in their heart poles—one reflects the other.

The heart pole is our connection to the divine, truth, personal relationships, family, love, intimacy, loving sexuality, and philosophy, while the root pole is our connection to the material world (Earth), justice, business dealings, respect, animalistic sexuality, time, and money. The heart pole is not to be confused with the heart chakra, as the heart chakra should be the part of human beings that regulates both the heart and root poles, and is where we need to invite “Jesus (the Logos) into our hearts” by upgrading our character, but unfortunately, the 3rd chakra, which governs our personality gestalt, personal power, individuality, and personal boundaries, aka our ego center, typically governs most people’s heart and root poles. In order for “as above, so below” to become a reality, we need to unite our heart pole “above” our heart chakra with our root pole “below” our heart chakra (see graphic below).

The journey from egocentric conformity consciousness and dualistic thinking towards heart centered relating in unity consciousness. One must stop letting the ego personality gestalt and limited conscious mind govern their heart and root poles, and open up to relating to the divine and earth from their central heart chakra.


Like I mentioned earlier, truth is governed by the heart pole while justice is governed by the root pole, and if a person has a fully externalized life centered in the root pole and are living without an activated heart pole, they are going to base justice on purely subjective reasoning that’s devoid of truth. Like money that used to be based upon the gold standard, justice used to be based upon the truth and natural law (law of reason), but around the time when our financial currencies were divorced from their objective foundation found in precious metals like gold and silver, our justice system was also divorcing itself from the objective moral foundation of truth and reason. In order for truth and justice to be divorced from each other in the macrocosm of our reality, it first needed to be divorced from many people in their own families, and especially in their own lives/bodies (via their heart and root poles being disconnected from each other; how this happened is beyond the scope of this article, but there are multifaceted reasons that it occurred).

In relationship to the boundaries I am listing, here are my definitions of truth, justice, love, and respect:

The Formula for Truth:

Knowledge (input/grammar) + Understanding (logic/empathy) — Contradictions = Wisdom (Truth)


An objective system of law that upholds each individual’s natural right to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness (right to self-direction) free from external interference from others. It is a moral code that is inferred via the use of reason, and is only able to be claimed by those who have developed their ability to use reason.


Caring for and nurturing one’s creations in a way that supports their growth in a conscious and uplifting manner. Providing for one’s creations in a manner that is aligned with their own rational self-interests, up to and including doling out “tough love”. Empathetically tuning into others to understand them without sacrificing one’s own self-interests or crossing the boundaries of those we love in the process. Controlling is not loving, unless of course one’s creation is so far out of touch with truth and personal responsibility that they are a danger to themselves and/or others, but then a path forward into self-responsibility still needs to be mapped out, such as is the case with a toddler entrenched in their terrible two’s.


Respecting the natural rights and boundaries of others, giving them the freedom to direct their own lives as they see fit as long as they are not objectively harming anyone else or incurring negative karma though interference with the one who is doing the “respecting”. In this case, respect is synonymous with non-interference.

If justice isn’t based upon the truth, and if respect isn’t based upon love, then both justice and respect become inverted and act in a contrary fashion to their original meaning and purpose. Without truth, justice becomes a means of securing the theft of property from others, and without love, respect will only be directed towards those who are self-absorbed, ruthless, and the most willing to act immorally and at the expense of others to get ahead in life. In order to truly experience justice in our lives, we need for both truth and justice to experience union within our own psyche/bodies, and in order for our rights and property to be fully respected and guaranteed, we need to base it upon the heart’s love and care.

With all of this in mind, here are the boundaries and affirmations that will bring union to our heart and root poles in the form of truth and justice, and in the form of love and respect. Only connecting with beings “so above” from our “as below” that align with both truth and justice, and with both love and respect, will allow us to safely navigate other realms of being, and help us to avoid soul traps and time wasters. I will add one caveat before I list the boundaries and affirmations though: these boundaries will not protect anyone from lies when they are still stuck in illusory worldviews, ideological possession, entitlement, self-lies, and perpetuating their own brand of injustice upon others, to experience truth and justice one first must know and understand truth and justice in their own lives, and have a developed sense of objective morality.


1. I’m more than happy to listen to a being’s guidance when they are fully aligned with both truth AND justice.
2. I’m more than happy to listen to a being’s guidance when they love AND respect me.
3. I’m more than happy to listen to a being’s guidance when they respect my boundaries and my natural rights.
4. I’m more than happy to listen to a being’s guidance when they are fully aligned with [Logocentric] morality based in reason, truth, and justice
5. I’m more than happy to trust someone in other realms of existence when they are aligned with the Cosmic Logos, when they are aligned with universal law and justice, and when they actually are who they say and think they are (this prevents astral AI chatbot like programs from masquerading as various types of higher beings).


1. Truth and Justice can have union within me.
2. I can experience union between truth and justice within me.
3. Truth and justice can radiate out from my inner being.
4. I love truth and justice.
5. I love when justice is founded upon the truth.
6. Love and respect can have union within me.
7. I can experience union between love and respect within me.
8. Love and respect can radiate out from my inner being.
9. I love when respect is founded upon love.
10. I can radiate out Logocentric morality based in reason, truth, and justice.

As you can imagine, this track is also good for other reasons, just to experience a grounded, tangible, and practical life where you are radiating out and receiving back truth and justice. Give it a try and let me know how it worked out for you!

If you’re interested in another tool to program in truth, justice, love, & respect into your subconscious mind, so that you can live a life centered in these virtues, then I highly recommend reading up on them HERE.

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