Being, Doing, Cause, & Effect

Why is it that people think that they can change the mirror, rather than change the Source that is viewing itself in the mirror? It is a fallacy that society trains people to repeat, where they try to find an action to fix their situation; they believe that if they can only change their doing, then their experience will also change, but this is just a negative feedback loop going in circles — a dog chasing its tail.

Cause and effect have been confused, where the mirror is now perceived as cause, the Source looking into the mirror is now perceived as invisible, and finally the desired experience is seen as the effect. People consistently only see the mirror and the mirror of the mirror, rather than the Source and the mirror. It is important to realize that Being is the Source looking at itself in the mirror, it is cause, and Doing is the reflection of the Source in the mirror, it is effect. To experience true change, it is necessary to first change your state of being, and then allow your actions to reflect your new energetic signature.

Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause. ~The Kybalion, the Sixth Hermetic Principle of Cause & Effect

To actually change the Source looking into the mirror, individuals must ask the correct questions and in the correct order, but unfortunately, most people just start and end with “what do I want?”, and “how can I get it?”. This wrong pattern of asking questions causes the “dog chasing its tail” negative feedback loop. Instead, it is imperative to utilize the Trivium method of asking questions, which look like this:

What (who, where, when) → Why → Remove Contradictions between what & why → How

  1. What is my problem? What am I feeling?
  2. Why do I have this problem? Why is the mirror showing me something I do not wish to see and acknowledge in my life? Why am I feeling this feeling of (sadness, fear, or anger)? Why am I creating this reality?
  3. Remove all contradictions between what and why, by corkscrewing between them until they are resolved. What is the pattern of relating causing this manifestation? What are the beliefs I am unconsciously repeating? When did I feel this feeling/pattern before? Who was with me in this pattern before? Where did this pattern occur before?
  4. Only after asking enough what and why questions, and receiving enough insights and understanding about the situation, your beliefs, your feelings, your behavior, and the manifested outcomes, does a new “how” organically present itself. The “how” doing is a reflection of the state of being, and not the cause, so this new doing will reflect the higher, integrated state of being.

Utilizing the universal law of “Cause and Effect” grants a person the opportunity to undo a cause to have a new effect; put simply, change the cause and experience a new effect. Our beliefs and relationship patterns are the primary source causes that must be examined to experience new effects in our lives. ~Nathan & Aline

True change comes from within your being and is reflected by your external actions, while false change is gained through your external actions and is forced upon your being. True change is permanent, its gains are forever internalized, but false change is only temporary and requires continued actions to put pressure on your being in order for the gains to be kept and maintained. ~Nathan & Aline

Unconscious patterns and beliefs are experienced by those with a shallow desire to know “why” they act and believe as they do, while understanding is the inside-out expression of a belief, it is being consciously aware of who you are and “why” you act as you do in each and every moment. ~Nathan & Aline

If you get into an argument and feel sad, afraid, or angry, instead of blaming the other person for your feelings, try asking yourself “why am I feeling this way?”, and keep asking “why” until you fully understand each and every reason “why” you feel that way in that moment. Any understanding that ends with “because they” is still blaming the other for your own feelings, patterns and experiences; it is not personal responsibility, but projection. ~Nathan & Aline

You cannot change that which you do not understand, therefore seek understanding. ~Nathan & Aline

If you desire lasting change, instead of learning new skills and forcing them upon your being, try shifting your internal being and then allowing your actions to reflect your new energetic signature. ~Nathan & Aline

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