Cain vs Abel Masculine Archetypes

The brothers, Cain and Abel, as represented by Saturn and Jupiter, are currently in conjunction in Capricorn, and are here to retell the story of value, envy, and murder. Both brothers gave an offering to God, but only Abel’s offering was considered valuable enough, while Cain’s offering was rejected—as a result of his rejection, and his feelings of shame, Cain murdered his brother Abel, because Abel’s offering had more value to God than his did. The offerings of Cain and Abel are a metaphor for our character, consciousness, and value, and how much care we have placed in developing them. The crucifixion of Jesus represents the murder of Abel by Cain, as Jesus was one who fully developed his potential, and was murdered by envious people who refused to fully devote themselves to developing meaning and purpose in their lives.

Cain represents the left hand path of mysticism, known in modern times as the political left, and rather than taking responsibility for his shadow and developing his character, he identifies with his shadow, feels unworthy and therefore ashamed of his inferiority to his brother Abel, and projects his unconscious shadows out onto others, especially the Abel archetypes, by “murdering them”—both metaphorically and literally. Nihilism and Marxism are the full philsophical and political/economic embodiments of the Cain archetype, while Satanism/Luciferianism are the mystical embodimentss of the Cain archetype.

Abel represents the right hand path of mysticism, known in modern times as the political right; he represents taking full responsibility for his unconscious shadow through doing shadow work and personality integration to develop his individuality and character, and he is able to take his value and fully offer it to his higher purpose (to God). Abel is persecuted by his brother Cain because he has a more developed character, and offers more value to the world than Cain can, which reminds Cain of his own unworthiness and lack of value. Logocentrism and Free Market Capitalism are the full philosophical and political/economic emodiments of the Abel archetype, while Logocentric focused Hermeticism is the mystical embodiment of the Abel archetype.

Shadow projection is when people don’t know how to deal with their own shit, so they project the contents of their unprocessed shadow side onto others and pretend it is not their own. After all, hating others is easier than hating oneself. Shadow projection is an unconscious mechanism that the person projecting isn’t aware of, and it’s the responsibility of those with healthy boundaries and a processed shadow side to block projections, which has the potential to wake up those projecting to their poor behaviors.

It’s never up to another person to respect or disrespect your boundaries; they don’t have a choice or say in the matter. If they are disrespecting your space, it is EVIDENCE that you lack boundaries where you are feeling disrespected. Boundaries that don’t exist are easy to trample.

By murdering his brother Abel, Cain used him as a scapegoat for his own feelings of unworthiness and lack of value. The underlying psychological mechanism that Cain displayed was shadow projection, as he projected his own personal flaws onto Abel to avoid his toxic shame. Here’s some boundaries and affirmations that you can use to protect yourself from the projections and scapegoating from the many Cains in the world.

Boundaries for dealing with Cain:

  • “I’m more than happy to interact with people who take responsiblilty for their unconscious shadows.”
  • “I’m more than happy to interact with people who are open to self-reflection.”
  • “I’m more than happy to interact with people when they are as reflective as me.”
  • ”I’m more than happy to interact with people who refuse to blame others for their shortcomings.”
  • “I’m more than happy to interact with people who take responsibility for their projections.”


  • “I can be more reflective.”
  • “People’s attempted projections onto me can instantly reflect back to them.”

Have you fully dived in to develop yourself, allowed your identity to be stripped bare of all of its impurities, and rebuilt it in the image of the divine Logos, or have you kept your impurities, indulged your unconscious shadows, failed to fully develop your value, and blamed and attacked others for your shame and lack of value?

Edit: Adding this video after finding it in my YouTube feed. It was uploaded just a few weeks ago, and I found and watched it after finishing this article.

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