Do we Have Free Will, or is Free Will our Destination?

“Human’s are “determined” by nature (biology and generational patterns encoded into their DNA) and nurture (patterns that are conditioned into them as children by family and society) – they do not naturally possess, nor exercise, free will. Their biology and past / current environments determine their choices; they provide the reasons for their thoughts, feelings, and actions, and not their inner being or will. Humans have no real free will, but rather are given an illusion of choice between various groups and herds to identify with, or in which flavor of ice cream to taste. Often people will rise up who desire to lead a new herd, or become a leader of a current herd, but they too are still only participating within the overall herd’s algorithm as a potentiality, and not actually free to do as they wish and desire.

Free will is the effect of becoming cause from within one’s life, through processing all of the conflicting urges between the inner being and the external factors imparted to each being from nature and nurture. Free will is the mystic’s destination known as heaven, it is nirvana and ascension, but it doesn’t need to be some far away goal attainable only after death, as it is possible here and now in a physical body. Free will absolutely requires the individual synthesize the conflicts between the internal and external realities, to entrain their thoughts, feelings, and actions into an alignment with their inner being. Jesus said that a person cannot serve two masters, and this is true of the tug of war between the inner and outer realities of each individual. Either they are a master because they are cause from an alignment with their inner being, or they are a slave to their biology and environment, and are thus an internal effect of external forces.  Until an individual reaches a full alignment with their inner being, the only meaningful choice they have is between working through all of their conflicts and aligning, or continuing on as a slave.”

~Nathan & Aline

“The majority of people are more or less the slaves of heredity, environment, etc., and manifest very little Freedom. They are swayed by the opinions, customs and thoughts of the outside world, and also by their emotions, feelings, moods, etc. They manifest no Mastery, worthy of the name. They indignantly repudiate this assertion, saying, “Why, I certainly am free to act and do as I please–I do just what I want to do,” but they fail to explain whence arise the “want to” and “as I please.” What makes them “want to” do one thing in preference to another; what makes them “please” to do this, and not do that? Is there no “because” to their “pleasing” and “Wanting”? The Master can change these “pleases” and “wants” into others at the opposite end of the mental pole. He is able to “Will to will,” instead of to will because some feeling, mood, emotion, or environmental suggestion arouses a tendency or desire within him so to do.

The majority of people are carried along like the falling stone, obedient to environment, outside influences and internal moods, desires, etc., not to speak of the desires and wills of others stronger than themselves, heredity, environment, and suggestion, carrying them along without resistance on their part, or the exercise of the Will. Moved like the pawns on the checkerboard of life, they play their parts and are laid aside after the game is over. But the Masters, knowing the rules of the game, rise above the plane of material life, and placing themselves in touch with the higher powers of their nature, dominate their own moods, characters, qualities, and polarity, as well as the environment surrounding them and thus become Movers in the game, instead of Pawns-Causes instead of Effects. The Masters do not escape the Causation of the higher planes, but fall in with the higher laws, and thus master circumstances on the lower plane. They thus form a conscious part of the Law, instead of being mere blind instruments. While they Serve on the Higher Planes, they Rule on the Material Plane.”

~The Kybalion, Cause & Effect

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