The Dark Night & the Five Steps of the Divine Marriage

The aim of higher human development is to discover one’s Self in order to reach the goal of the “Divine Marriage”, a long and often painful process of refining the lead of ego into the gold of Selfhood.  Overall, there are five steps in what is known as the alchemical “Divine Marriage” process, also called the “Divine Union” or “Alchemical Marriage”.  Have you ever heard of the concept of the dark night? There are two versions of the “dark night” in a person’s development, “dark night of the senses” and “dark night of the soul”, and they act as transitory steps between phases one and three, and three and five, of the Divine Marriage process.  The steps towards union are:

  1. Purgative (child)
  2. Dark Night of the Senses
  3. Illumination (adult)
  4. Dark Night of the Soul
  5. Divine Marriage (master)

In the purgative stage, a person or collective is still very innocent, and feels their connection to God / Source as a child would view their parents. They experience the joys and sorrows of life with an innocence and purity that a child would, and they perceive God / Source as something outside of them, as a child would view a parent — they are still quite immature. In the dark night of the senses, a person or collective will feel their God / Source starting to abandon them physically — the physical connection that they once felt will disappear from them, and it may feel traumatic to them. While in reality they are still connected to God / Source in their heart, they will no longer be able to physically sense God. This is an important stage in a acolyte’s development, as the individual gets to grow up from a spiritual child, go through the angst filled teenage years (dark night of the senses), and into adulthood of the Illumination (enlightenment) phase.

In the Illumination phase, they come into their personal adulthood, and are able to perceive with their senses what they originally needed God / Source to perceive form them. They now feel more capable as young adults. Most spiritual teachers and self-help gurus are firmly grounded in phase three, helping those in phase two to develop into maturity. Then comes phase four, which is the mid-life crisis, where the individual feels God moving away from their inner being, like God is playing hide and seek with their soul. This is a painful process that allows the adult to transition into the wisdom of self-mastery. It empowers the individual to discover the confidence to traverse any problem or conflict through a direct connection to their inner being, and to work through any situation, with more and more ease. Shadow work, anima/animus work, changing one’s thinking, and isolating as a hermit, alone or with a partner, are all quite common in phase four.

The last phase is alignment with the Divine from the inside-out, where the vehicle of the human body and the external persona fuses with the Divine in an alchemical transformation. It is the result of the refinement of a person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions, especially by having a clear perception of causality within one’s life, and the integration of the ego into a unique individual Self differentiated from the collective herd of humanity. This mastery and union/alignment with the Divine will be accompanied by supernatural gifts and abilities, such as full abundance, satisfaction, walking on water, flying, teleportation, bi-location, water to wine, manifesting food from thin air, telekinesis, immorality of the individual Self, etc. For most, the transition will be gradual, to prevent harm to the human vessel as we grow into our union. While a person can experience a mini “dark night of the soul” to reach a mini “alchemical marriage”, this is just an evolutionary step in the overall process until one reaches their penultimate transformation, and the “Alchemical Marriage” of complete mastery and union with the Divine, and with their internal other (masculine/feminine).

Each phase represents a phase of human development in both the microcosm and macrocosm. Humanity collectively went into dark night of the senses during the dark ages, and it lasted quite a bit longer because it was hijacked and exploited by the Catholic church. The “Reformation” and “Renaissance” opened up humanity to the illumination phase, which is why the “Illuminati” have ruled the earth from behind the scenes during this time period. Humanity is about to collectively enter into their “dark night of the soul”, which is why the Elite are getting ready to sacrifice the Illuminati, current religions, and current governmental systems, because they are no longer needed. Like they did in the dark ages, the Elite wants to hijack humanity at phase four, in order to experience an eternal dark night of the soul for the human collective; the deception that they have planned for externalized subsection of humanity is beyond anything we can currently expect or comprehend.

Because of their plan, it is important that we take control of our lives in the micro (internal) so that we cannot be co-opted in the macro (external). We must leave the happy confines of the “illumination” phase and enter into our own individual “Dark Night of the Soul”, and work through our projections, shadows, and limited thinking on a personal level. The main distinguishing characteristic between those in phase three and those in phase four is their clear understanding of the “mirrors process“, which is the ability to untangle cause and effect (karma) in one’s life, the ability to distinguish between the subjective and objective, and the ability to process one’s life experiences and correct the causal thought patterns responsible for them.  If we do this, we will be able to get to our destination of the “Alchemical Marriage” and not have to worry about or be affected by the collective’s eternal “Dark Night of the Soul”.

When Aline and I met, we thought we had arrived at “unity” and the “Divine Marriage”, but we were quite mistaken, as we quickly dropped into our soul’s purification stage of “dark night of the soul”, so that we could work through all of the impurities and limiting patterns in our lives. We have been there, and remain there even still, even though we are now on the cusp of experiencing our Divine Marriage together (a few months, a few years, or a few dozen years — it’s just a matter of timing now). It is a process, and absolutely requires that each individual work towards a level of mastery over their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to the point that they could walk through an active war zone and not feel an emotional charge or ounce of fear. It is important to realize that as of right now, very few will actually do the personal work necessary to experience the Divine Marriage, as Jesus said “narrow is the path”, but this too is part of a greater plan and game for consciousness to play.

What are your thoughts on the alchemical process we are involved in? Can you point out your development in the first three stages? Have you entered into the fourth stage yet?

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  1. Alisha says:

    This is very interesting, and I relate very much. I’m 36, and for a year I’ve been going through a lot of transition. This has opened up my mind in so many ways…differing from the reality I once thought I knew. It’s very painful. Has caused many relationship issues, and I have come to realize why I’ve had so many issues throughout my life.