Why do Dark Occultists use Sacred Geometry?

flower-of-life-purple-mdI made the following comment on a video that was demonizing sacred geometry because it was being historically used by dark occultists, and also currently being used by dark occultists in the entertainment industry.  I was quite frustrated by their lack of critical thinking and poor logic, which was good at pointing out that there was indeed a dark message being conveyed, but was accompanied by ridiculous reasoning based on their Christian conditioning. ~Nathan

Here is the reason “why” the dark ruling elite are using sacred geometry in their rituals, music videos, media, and entertainment, and it has nothing to do with the fallacious notion that sacred geometry is “demonic” and “occult”, which is the “this means that”, “hasty generalization”, “appeal to fear”, and “guilt by association” logical fallacies (among other things). It is WELL known that our world is a fractal based reality, much like a self-replicating hologram, and each fractal pattern has a sacred geometrical base code that represents it. Whenever the dark ruling elite take a concept that they want to embed and condition into the collective, they need to know which fractal pattern they are seeking to infiltrate their code into, so that they can then pick the corresponding sacred geometrical pattern that they need to use to insert the code.

Think of the sacred geometric patterns in a music video as the needle that is being used to inject their parasitic virus into the fractal pattern of you; they are creating an association between a concept they want to inject into the collective, and the sacred geometry connected to the fractal pattern they wish to manipulate.  This is also closely connected to the archetypes that Jung discovered in his psychology work, which deal with the “collective unconscious”, where each fractal pattern has a base code that represents a particular collective unconscious group’s algorithm. They are trying to hijack all of the various archetypes, aka fractal types, by inserting their virus via the needle of the corresponding sacred geometry type, so that they can manipulate, own, and control everyone.

The Hermetic adage “as above so below” is acknowledging our fractal reality, in that sacred geometry replicates in a fractal pattern both inwards and outwards, so that we can know the internal unseen substance of a thing by looking at the external, and that we can know the external by looking inwards as well.  In fact, going within and looking inwards is much easier to understand and figure out than when we merely try to examine the external world, as we have everything external to us already within us. This concept also implies that the fractal code can scale dimensionally into the unseen realms, but we can still know (gnosis) it since the same fractal pattern, aka sacred geometry, is present here in this realm, especially within us. There is also the basic psychological layer where they are creating an association in the brain between their prepackaged content and the symbolic imagery, again, as above so below.  This fractal truth means that a liar who spreads deception (fallacious logic) outwardly is also stuck in a pattern of self-deception (self-deceiving logic), as they are lying to themselves first and foremost; they are quite literally fathering every lie that proceeds from their mouths with their internal thought patterns (as above, so below, as within, so without).

This is apparently uncommon sense, which would be labeled as witchcraft and demonic in many Christian videos, but it is basic and observable by anybody who takes the time to think critically. The lack of knowledge (gnosis) and understanding (logos) is truly remarkable in many of these videos. Spirituality requires both emotional intelligence and critical thinking to be effective in combating the predatory beings who run our world.

So here is core reason for the video being reviewed: it is a dark occult group seeking to transmit a tailor made virus, which is comprised of fallacious thought patterns and information, into the collective unconscious of humanity via the flower of life, seed of life, and other sacred geometrical patterns, which represent our fractal reality’s base code, in order to control humanity.

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  1. Occult actually means “Hidden”

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