Envy, Madness and True Reality – Dr Norberto Keppe

This video series is absolutely phenomenal at diagnosing the root causes of human insanity, which is envy.  Envy is directly related to the concept of equity, since envy attacks that which is good in order to bring everybody back down to the same equitable level (equality of outcomes).

In this interview, the brilliant Brazilian psychoanalysts, Dr. Norberto Keppe and Dr. Cláudia Pacheco, remind us of the human pathology that lies behind our problems. What they discuss is provocative: our psychological unclarity is leading us away from reality and into madness. We must become conscious of this if we are to survive and develop. ~Richard Lloyd Jones





One of his [Freud’s] students Melanie Klein verified that the biggest problem lay in something that Freud himself discovered while working in a psychiatric hospital, which he called “envy”. He observed this in the more seriously mentally disturbed. …Melanie Klein changed the Freudian sexual focus to the idea that envy lay at the base of psychological problems. She used this word [envy] to describe a feeling of wanting to destroy the goodness of other people. What we daily take note of in sick individuals, especially the most seriously ill, is that they want to spoil what others have. So, envy is not the desire to have what others have, but instead is the desire to destroy the goodness that others have.

According to my discovery in 1977 of what I call “inversion”, which is based on envy the human being is upside down because of this envy. Envy twists the human being against goodness and in favor of evil. That is, against sanity in favor of sickness. Envy spawns inversion. The envious individual inverts everything and because of that, he becomes sick. We see this especially in the most serious mental, social and organic diseases. Now, there is not a single sick person who is not envious. The greatest problem of all of humanity is this problem of inversion and envy. That is why humanity is reaching the end in terms of personal health and ecology.

Envy disturbs us because it makes us unconscious. […] the unconscious is an attitude that the human being has against consciousness. He becomes unconscious. […] For example, intelligence: in truth, human beings have in their mental structure all possible knowledge and perception that human beings can have. But because of inverted attitudes, attitudes of envy, he denies more and more of this perception. And the perception decreases so much with aging that when he is 27 years old, his intelligence is so diminished that he is not able to understand the world anymore. He enters into a state of corruption.

The idea the world has is that envy is related to development — to wanting something more. But envy is a denial of something — not only what the other has, but also what the person him or herself has. The question of life, for example. The human being knows that life does not belong to him, that it was not he who created life. Then he denies it, and by doing that, he also denies the existence of a better life for others. So he tries to destroy not only what others have, but also what he has. He does this of course in an unconscious way, because envy is an attitude against goodness. It is the privation [lack] of goodness. This gradually undermines his consciousness, his intelligence. So envy and inversion lead the human being to an unconscious state. We become unconscious as a consequence of our attitudes against consciousness.

Dr. Norberto Keppe, Envy, Madness, and True Reality”



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