The Hermetic Dynamics of Twin Flames

Our Twin Flame is an external representation and reflection of our internal opposite gender. As a male, our Twin Flame will be the external version of our Anima (internal feminine), and as a female, our Twin Flame will be the external version of our Animus (internal masculine). External reality is merely a reflection (effect) of internal reality (cause); it’s not that our internal other completes us, it’s that they ARE already an aspect of us, and that we must become aware of their presence within us. Thus, to find our Twin Flame, we cannot go outside searching for them as a physical being, but rather, we must go within and get to know our internal opposite.

The process of meeting our internal other does not require visualization of an external relationship, but Self-reflection, shadow work, and anima/animus work. This is accomplished through healing the dysfunctions we picked up as children in our family of origin, and correcting the relationship patterns we inherited from our bloodlines. In short, we must make both the unconscious and subconscious conscious; in this way, we become aware of who we are to such an extent, that we can then project our internal other out onto the external canvas of reality, and experience them as a physical manifestation in our lives.

Unfortunately, many people approach the Twin Flame phenomena from an external locus of control, meaning that they perceive that they are an effect of life, and not the cause. With this externalized worldview and perception, any experience they have with a so-called Twin Flame is in actuality hoping that they will find somebody “out there” (cause) that can make them happy inside (effect); thus they are living in a fictional fantasy world. This worldview reverses cause and effect, and as a result, creates a negative feedback loop that traps the individual in a perpetual cycle of chasing experiences without fulfillment; it’s the serpent eating its tail.

Those of us with an internal locus of control, who have exercised our volition to meet ourselves fully from within, do not need to chase experiences, as we are instead able to consciously create our experiences. The more we know ourselves, ugly shadows and all, the more capable we are of consciously manifesting our intentions out onto our external reality. Therefore, when we know our internal other, we will experience our internal other as an external manifestation in our reality, and the less we know our internal other, the less we will experience our internal other as an external manifestation in our reality.

If we have a problem with our supposed (true or false) Twin Flame, it is because we are still lacking self-knowledge within, and are already experiencing the same relationship patterns between our internal masculine and feminine. It is never the fault of our external Twin Flame, as it is OUR lack of self-knowledge and insight that is the core issue that WE must consciously choose to resolve. When we master this concept, and truly work the process of going within to correct the core mind patterns responsible for our dysfunctional experiences, we will slowly learn to create a satisfying and abundant experience with the external reflection of our internal other.

Related Hermetic Principles alluded to in this post:
1. Mentalism – The All is mind; the Universe is mental.
2. Correspondence – As above, so below, as below, so above.
6. Cause & Effect – Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause.
7. Gender – Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.

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  1. Sujan says:

    I want the union with my twin. This time he tried for the union and I am in aware. Our separation time is over now I am very much want the union . I know he is also ready. But I don’t know where to meet. Pls help

  2. Sujan says:

    Where can I meet you.?

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