Finally! The Penny Drops!

I think he’s missing the point of what she’s actually implying when she stated, “In terms of women-led films and women as superheroes in particular, and excitement around that, I think it’s really just about whether or not the movie’s good. […] Especially now we have more and more films that are female-led that are action-based or superhero- based..” Hollywood has pushed female led movies to the detriment of quality again and again to create a certain level of momentum, which I call “karmic momentum”, and now that they HAVE enough momentum due to passing a certain psychological and cultural threshold, they can now start putting out higher quality films that will KEEP the message of diversity within them. We’re not going back to where we were before all of this happened, but we will get higher quality “programming” now that the new matriarchy, mixed relationships (when was the last time you saw an all white family or relationship in a mainstream movie or television commercials?), and diversity quotas are firmly entrenched.

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