Soulmates or Program-mates?

Reality creation goes like this:

Source → Higher Self → Thoughts (Perceptions) → Feelings → Actions → Feedback to Source

reallity-generation-from-source-downward-into-our-actionsIn this pattern, Source connects into our Higher Self (crown chakra) and inspires it with a creative thought, then our Higher Self, also known as our unique consciousness, inputs its desires into our thoughts, which is represented by our third eye and throat chakras. Thoughts then must be processed by our logic, which is how we feel, which is our heart and naval chakras; and then finally, actions result as output of the whole process, which is our sacral and root chakras.  Once Source consciousness is grounded fully into a manifested reality via this process, the results are then returned to Source as feedback in a torus pattern of flow, so that the ALL can grow its Self-knowledge and awareness, and make tweaks as needed.  This direction of flow is diametrically different than the commonly taught methodology of moving from the root chakra up to our crown chakra, since it is Source coming down through us, rather than working our way back up to Source.


Our human vehicle mirrors the Trivium method of critical thinking which goes:

  1. Grammar (knowledge, input): asks/answers what (who, where, & when) questions
  2. Logic (understanding, processor):  asks/answers why questions
  3. Rhetoric (wisdom, output):  asks/answers how questions

Let’s view this whole process as a metaphor of using a computer; think of Source as our inspiration for all that we do, and our higher self as our conscious observer, the Self that sits down at the computer to input and program information into it. Whatever we type, click, upload via disk drives, load programs, etc., that we as the computer operator place into the computer as input are our thoughts, and they in turn must be processed by the computer ‘s CPU. The CPU, also known as the computer’s logic, is our feelings, it is how we process information that is inputted into our  vehicle by our Higher Selves. Finally, we get to see our creations outputted onto the monitor, speakers, and/or printer, completing the cycle of reality generation.  Once we view the output as feedback, we as the computer operator are able to make conscious changes to the input (thoughts), in order to change future output (manifestations).

Inspiration (Source) → Programmer (Higher Self) → Input (Thoughts) → Processor (Feelings) → Output (Actions).

It is important to note that while output can feedback to our programmer to let us know how the program is working, we cannot directly modify the output in an attempt to change the originating program.  Many people do not like the manifestations that they are experiencing in life, and try to manipulate the output so that they can experience something different, for example resolving to go to the gym to change their body in order to change their self-image.  It is the originating programs that must be modified to best change our output, simply upgrading the processor or output device will not do much, if anything, to the quality of output, except maybe give the illusion of change.  Of course, the problem then becomes, who has and who is doing the programming — our Higher Self or an external stimulus?

Soulmates are those individuals who are connected at the Higher Self (crown chakra) level of being, making them soul family or in an agreement at a higher level to come to the earth to co-create a manifested reality together. Unfortunately, when they come together in this world, their thoughts will already have been pre-programmed by their DNA, environment, people, and systems that they grew up with. Their entrenched conditioning at the thought level cause their feelings and actions to support the programmers of society, and not their Source or Higher Selves, which is problematic for meeting their soulmates.

As a result, most of the people we initially meet, and the circumstances we create, are the result of our programs and conditioning, and do not result from our Source and Higher Self inspired desires. This occurs because prior to the age of eight, children are in an open state of hypnosis, and each experience that happens to them is stored in their mind, becoming a program that they repeat forever, or until the program is uninstalled and a new program is initiated. These programs are installed by any number of childhood experiences, and can be healthy or unhealthy, but they also are installed from trauma, yelling, blaming, spanking, threats, inconsistency, consistency, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, cartoons, books, movies, schools, religious indoctrination, medical experiences, and even childbirth; the underlying messages that these experiences generate all become our unconscious beliefs. DNA and genealogical bloodlines also carry with them programs and behavioral patterns, as well as the accumulated unconscious beliefs of previous generations that must be contended with; and these comprise our subconscious beliefs.

Individuals will meet those that most align with their specific combination of unconscious and subconscious programs, as there are virtually an unlimited number of possible combinations for them to connect to within humanity’s preprogrammed existence. If a woman was raised with a fairy princess program through watching countless hours of Disney cartoons, and she saw that as the perfect escape from a painful childhood that lacked intimacy and love, then she will long for a man programmed to be the supportive prince charming type, who selflessly rescues her from her distress. This combination may align very well with their “thoughts”, “feelings”, and “actions”, and thus will feel very much like what they think a soulmate relationship should feel.  Even though they’ll have all of the passion they believe that a soulmate relationship entails, it doesn’t mean that they are in fact soulmates, it just means that they are program-mates who have met each other within the parameters of their childhood programming.  Earlier we looked at the intended pattern of reality creation, but now lets look at how program-mates create their reality together:

External Programmers → Thoughts → Feelings → Actions

reallity-generation-from-matrix-downward-into-our-actionsSince there are so many programs installed by our unique childhood experiences, there is bound to be conflicts within each person, as well as between a couple, that eventually erode the illusory happily ever after fairy tale they were experiencing together. If one of the individuals starts soul searching, and identifies more and more as their Higher Self through tinkering with their internal programming, it will place stress on their relationship.  The more the initial programs and factors that brought them together are altered, the more likely it is to end in divorce — or worse.

A soulmate may or may not have the same programming when they meet, but will already identify much more with their Higher Self than their pre-installed programs that came from outside of themselves. They will already have done a significant amount of deconstructing their core beliefs, having removed less serving and limiting ones, and replaced them with more Source inspired patterns of relating. Even though they are more in alignment at both Source and their Higher Selves, this does not mean that they have fully removed their fairy princess or prince charming programming, or any other limiting or destructive programs for that matter, and such programs will continue to limit their ability to align well together in thoughts, feelings, and actions.

It is likely that true soulmates’ thoughts, feelings, and actions could experience extreme difficulties aligning, even to the point of the feelings and bodies of each soulmate responding to other people who have similar old programs, but lack the higher connection that they experience together. This is all a part of the process of reprogramming their thoughts (input), with their process work and feelings (process/logic), so that they might have new manifestations (actions/output) to experience together. This is the challenge for soulmates, since they are not meant to enjoy and propagate standard societal programming together, but to break the old programming and install higher, better serving ones, and then to demonstrate their unity as an inspiration for others to strive towards.

Whereas program-mates meet each other in aspects of their thoughts, feelings, and actions, which very well may be interpreted as a spiritual experience, soulmates actually meet at Source and their Higher Selves, but may have very little in common in their thoughts, feelings, and actions.  It is our inbred desire as beings though to meet each other in all ways, Source, Higher Selves, thoughts, feelings, and actions, but it is extremely difficult to meet each other at the top and work our way down, and much easier to meet in our societal approved preprogrammed condition and attempt to work our way up.  Just because a couple may seem to have passion, romance, happiness, connection, telepathy, wealth, or any other supposed signs of a soulmate couple, does not mean that they are in fact a soulmate couple, they may just be running a highly spiritualized societal program that aligns with each other — yes, they could only be program-mates.

In the long term though, because the Matrix is a closed system, program-mate relationships are not sustainable and are therefore entropic, they will eventually collapse upon themselves, whereas Source inspired relationships, along with their aligned thoughts, feelings, and actions are expansive and infused with infinite potential.  Soulmates are meant to crush societal programs together, even the spiritualized ones, through processing their feelings and changing their limiting programs in a conscious fashion. Soulmates are meant to be master programmers of their own thoughts, having identified with their Source and Higher Self above their limiting programs, to experience better serving thoughts, harmonized feelings, and mutually beneficial manifestations.

The role of soulmates is to fully embody their human vehicle with Source inspired and Higher Self programmed thoughts, feelings, and actions, here in the manifested physical plane of existence.  Once they have done the work to reprogram and harmonize their human vehicle, they will then experience a whole new level of alignment in the manifested realm, possessing a life of delicate balance and powerful creative abilities. This isn’t just living happily ever after, its a union that demonstrates their joint mastery and creative potential as the One in a grounded, manifested reality.

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