The Collusion Between the So-Called Capitalist Payment Processors and the Neo-Marxist Social Justice Warriors

I wonder why progressives are so against capitalism when big name capitalist corporations, literally those who specifically deal in processing capital, such as MasterCard, Stripe, and PayPal, are furthering their cause by deplatforming anybody right of their far left ideologies?

The SJW’s (social justice warriors), media companies, video game companies, and big banks are all aligned on censoring influential people right of the far far progressive left. The companies in question are essentially monopolies. To see cultural Marxists in bed with these corporate and financial monopolies seems like a giant contradiction to Marxist values. Why would all of these “capitalist” companies be promoting Marxism if it wasn’t in their own self-interests to do so?

I do not believe we live in a free market economy, but only the illusion of such, as there is very little competition and innovation right now, but rather corporate monopolies working in tandem with the current wave of identity politics.  There is little competition, because competitive companies are either purchased or forced out of business through labeling them as promoters of “hate”, among other cartel like tactics. If anything, the corporatocracy is the hidden driving force behind the neo-Marxist wave of identity politics we see within our universities, corporations, governments, and western culture in general.

Through careful observation we can infer that there is collusion going on between capitalistic monopolies and Progressive identity politics, where they tend to censor influential content creators who hold an opinion that differs from their extreme left ideology. The irony is that social justice advocates typically claim to hate capitalism, but are being backed by the centralized monopolies that process capital.

Patreon, a crowdfunding platform, has tacitly, and in one case expressly, admitted that MasterCard is putting pressure on them to remove certain individuals from their platform, and then MasterCard, PayPal, and Stripe are removing payment processing support from any meaningful competition to Patreon, such as SubscribeStar, to prevent these individuals from finding a new platform to do business on. As a result, Patreon has a monopolistic hold on crowdfunding, because of the cartel of payment processors have blocked or removed their support from any possible competition.

Of course, all of this is done in the name of preventing “hate”, but hate has become a subjective moving target that can be used to label anybody who poses any kind of political opposition to their agenda. If this is truly the case, then the companies who hold a monopoly on processing capital are using progressive identity politics as a tool for their own political and financial gain, while those clamoring for “equality” and “social justice” are just pawns unwittingly doing the bidding of their oligarchic task masters.

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