Is it Fairminded to Entertain the Delusions of the Mentally Ill?

Here are my thoughts on entering into a fairminded conversation with those who participate in identity politics, and desire what is termed “social justice”. Such ideologies are rooted in envy, and seek to tear down successful people and their creations to the lowest common denominator in the name of fairness, and according to the Freudian School of Psychoanalysis, the root of all mental illness is also envy. Therefore, it can be logically deduced that those who more fully buy into and participate in identity politics, social justice, and Cultural Marxism are mentally ill individuals suffering from delusional thinking, and lack a firm grounding in reality (or are at the very least repeating talking points and supporting the delusions conceived from within the psyche’s of the mentally ill).

Envy underlies all mental illness, as well as all collectivist ideologies; it seeks to destroy all that is pure and good, and often does so in the name of love and compassion. With envy, the ends justify the means, deception reigns supreme, and the truth is the primary casualty. ~Nathan & Aline

Is it actually possible to have a fairminded conversation with a mentally ill and delusional individual, and should we even attempt to get through to them using reason? I feel that when dealing with the mentally ill and their ideologies, that setting and enforcing healthy boundaries are a better and more useful option, as we refrain from entertaining their delusions, and we demonstrate “tough love” with consequences for their attempts at tearing us down. Additionally, I feel that we should advocate for them to gain access to psychological treatment for their delusions and mental instability, and that recommending that they seek help is far better than enabling and normalizing their fragile psychological states.

While it may seem that I am marginalizing the opinions of those on the far left of the political spectrum, and making an ad hominem attack on their character, this is actually my reasoned judgment based on countless conversations with the envious and confused individuals who advocate political correctness, social justice, and Cultural Marxism, as well as a result of my careful study of Marxism, identity politics, social justice, collectivism, critical thinking, philosophy, psychology, and envy. Their underlying reasons and premises for any viewpoints they hold, and the various lifestyles they advocate for, is envy, and not reason itself; we cannot reason with those who value their envious feelings over reason. Sure, they have a right to free speech just like the rest of us, but that doesn’t meant that I am under any obligation to listen to or consider their delusions, and I’d much rather address their underlying problem, than argue with points that they derived from their underlying problem.

So what can we do then?  From the work that Aline and I have been doing around energetic boundaries, we have come to realize that setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, setting minimum standards for a fairminded dialogue, and staying engaged with our desire to be sovereign, can help us do an “end around” the power hierarchy structure, and thus make it so that government and other structures must serve us, rather than the other way around.  This requires shadow work, self-reflection, and the desire to live a sovereign life free from external masters, so while anybody can do it, not many are willing to put in the work it takes to make it a reality.  We’re not there yet, but we do see that reality is starting to manifest in ways that encourage us on this path, and feel that it may be possible in the coming months to years.

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