The Mandela Effect & the Fifth Hermetic Principle of Rhythm

How does the Fifth Hermetic Principle of Rhythm fit into the experiences we’re having with the Mandela Effect, timeline shifting, and more?  This could give some more clues as to the scope of what we’re dealing with, and hopefully provoke us to ask more questions.

To learn more about the Seven Hermetic Principles, pick up the esoteric and easy to read tome, “The Kybalion“.

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  1. Ronald Phillips says:

    Hi Nathan
    Just a quick comment.
    I have only recently come across your web site, but immediately resonated with it and intend to spend time on it in the future.
    I realised myself recently that mainstream science says that consciousness comes from material, which is the opposite of what is true, just as you mention in the video.
    Many thanks
    Ronald Phillips

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