The Metaphor of the Crucifixion and Judgment Day Explained

What does the Crucifixion of Jesus represent? It is the conscious decision to turn away from contrary evidence, and to fully embrace and double down on the desire to continue on in one’s delusions, falsehoods, and lies. It is the desire, rooted in envy, to destroy reason and Truth by any means necessary, despite the negative consequences it might have on the individual or group’s short or long term well being. The crucifixion of Jesus is the crucifixion of reason and Truth, and it is happening right now, and in our day and age.
There is hope for the Truth though, for as it was alluded to long ago:
“That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” ~Philippians 2:10-11 (NKJV)
The time is coming when the Truth will no longer be suppressed or attacked, for it will permeate reality to such an extent, that in the very presence of Truth, every person will be unable to deny the uncomfortable contrast between their lies and the Truth, and will bow in respect to it, confessing that the Truth alone reigns supreme. It can be a voluntary choice we humbly make now, or it can be an involuntary realization we’re confronted with when we plummet face first into it, as a car driving full speed into a brick barrier, but all will experience their karmic judgment day.



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  1. Hi Nathan and Aline…

    The crucifixion of Jesus represents symbolically the crucifixion of our own lower ego in place of the spiritual ego. The ultimate goal of course is the higher emotions of love and truth.

  2. Hi Nathan and Aline…

    The crucifixion symbolically represents the crucifying of the lower ego for the spiritual ego, the result of the union of the higher and lower nature. Remember, Jesus was crucified at Golgatha, meaning place of the skull. It’s all in the mind.
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  3. James Riddle says:

    The crucifixion of Jesus represents the breaking of the law of Karma through forgiveness and thus bringing an end to third density incarnations. Those who beat and scourged him, and nailed him to the cross were subject to the karma of those acts. When Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do,” he broke the law of karma on their behalf. It is for us to take up our cross and follow him, breaking the law of karma in our own lives through forgiveness and unconditional love, thus graduating into fourth density love and understanding. “Father” is the Highest Self – the One True Creator. One is All, and All is One. We are all distortions of the ONE. Magick is the manipulation of the distortion that is us. The greatest magick comes from the understanding of “I am the One. There is no spoon; there is only me.” (For My Mentor)

    • Are you stating that the death and resurrection represents the breaking of “cause and effect”? Why must cause and effect be broken? How is it exactly that cause and effect was nullified due to this event?
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      • James Riddle says:

        My friend, I’m drawn to your wisdom for a reason (cause and effect), but if either of us truly understood the complexities, it’s not likely we’d be having this dialogue. The more I look at using the term “breaking the law,” the more it doesn’t seem to be the right term to use. It’s more like living above it or outside of it. There is soooo much that I don’t understand. I know that Karma/Cause and Effect is an integral part of universal law. But you posed a very good question of if the death and resurrection basically nullified the effect of death. Well, it stands to reason that it did. And yet death still is, karma still is, cause and effect still is. So ultimately, the question is, can the universal laws be “bent,” “overridden,” or in some way manipulated. For those who have experienced it, the answer is obvious.

        Ultimately, however, whether we ascend or not is determined by whether or not we are ready for the harvest. It is by embracing unconditional love and forgiveness that we are elected, but there is even a polarity in the election, which is another conversation altogether. Think of the cause as the crime and the effect being universal justice. Justice for whom? That is where forgiveness finds its power.

        Thank you for taking the time to dialogue with me and for helping me sharpen my understanding.

        • I am glad that both my post and question has provoked your thinking, this is all I can ask for from our work. I would suggest that there are multiple interpretations of various metaphors and events in religious texts that can be found from various viewpoints and frames of reference. We live in a nested, fractal reality, and as a result, can find layers upon layers of truth within each passage we examine.

          Reading your response, I would suggest a slight tweak on your understanding of “transcendence”, as transcendence implies inclusion of previous states of being, and builds upon what has gone before us. For instance, molecules transcend and include atoms, cells transcend and include molecules, tissues transcend and include cells, and organs transcend and include tissues. Transcending cause and effect would therefore imply the inclusion of cause and effect within the being who has transcended it. If the death and resurrection has anything to do with helping us to transcend natural law, then it wouldn’t mean an end to it, but merely the perfection of it within the acolyte.

          I suggest looking at the following image link with this verse in mind when looking at it.

          Jesus (the Divine Logos) answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father (wisdom) except through me.” λόγος (logos) = Greek, noun. “reason”

          Be well.
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          • James Riddle says:

            Out of 7 billion people on the planet, you have chosen to give me your time. I deeply appreciate that. I want to share something with you and open up an avenue of honesty.

            Some of the things I practice are considered by many to be insane, and yet they work for me. Before I posted my first comment, I was experiencing intense frustration in my spiritual journey. I’ve gone from having a dysfunctional childhood, to drug abuse, to dropping out of school, to getting a GED and joining the military, to becoming a fundamentalist Christian, to leaving the military and obtaining an honors degree, to becoming an award winning educator and best-selling Christian author, to re-examining my beliefs and rejecting Christian fundamentalism, from being a patriot to becoming an awakened Voluntaryist, from being in an intellectual prison to opening my mind to all knowledge… OK, I’ll stop there. 😊

            So, in my frustration I was trying to force answers from the Source on my terms. Wasn’t working. So I sat in meditation and opened my mind to any idea that flowed through me. I asked the Source and some unseen friends of mine to lead me to answers. A phrase and a number came to mind, and I felt led to Google search them according to a specific pattern. To make a long story short, ultimately it landed me on a blog post that was extremely relevant to me. I posted a comment and you responded.

            I thought you might appreciate a little context in the conversation. Peace be with you my friend.

            • Thank you for sharing the context of how you came to find this blog post, and our site. It is good to receive feedback that what we share has been meaningful in some way to our readers. I appreciate your individual evolution, and where it has led you thus far. Be well James, and don’t be a stranger. 😉

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