The Overt Attack on the Masculine Principle

There is an overt and centralized agenda that has gone into full swing the past decade, where before it was much more subtle, recently it has become quite overt. The feminization of boys and men has taken its toll on the West, like with how BPA’s, soy proteins, and the Atrazine pesticides are confusing male hormones, how third wave feminism attacks men in a myriad of ways, the continual harping on the non existent gender pay gap, how the courts attack male parental figures and skew towards the mothers, universities failing to teach proper multilogical thinking principles—and the list goes on and on. The attack on the masculine is an overt assault on Natural Law, as well as the Right Eye of Horus (masculine principle), and sadly, it will remove the contrast that women seeking to know themselves need to fully realize their own femininity.

It is poking out the right eye of Horus (masculine principle) in an attempt to bring back the left eye of Horus (feminine principle), but such division will bring the wrong kind of balance to society—total blindness. We need both eyes to function as a balanced society, and blindness and confusion will only make us easier to manipulate by our unseen masters. Also, blurring the distinctions between the left and right eyes into a single eye, by making them a single thing, is not the answer either; we need both eyes acting in harmony and union together, as distinct counterparts, in order to function in a sovereign and powerful manner.

This begs the question about the feminine principle, as the assumption above is that the feminine principle is attempting to return, however, it has been tricked into doing so at the expense of the masculine principle. Femininity will not return in those who are attacking their masculine counterparts, even if it is done in a way that is marked by “compassionate parenting” that confuses little boys into being more feminine, or compassion for female victims of men; only an illusion and false image of femininity will return to such women. The true feminine loves the distinct differences found in her masculine, and loves that he is a unique mirror that highlights and shows her her femininity through his masculinity.

The true feminine represents esoteric principles, mysticism, going within in self-reflection, emotional inner work, and a desire for unified Selfhood.  Coupled with the masculine principle, who grounds her insights through providing her structure and boundaries in which to feel safe within, they will be able to safely and freely navigate life, and co-create together, as a unified and powerful family unit (patriarchy; ‘patria’ = ‘family or tribe’ in Greek).

Would you like to learn how to balance your masculine and feminine principles, and work towards the union of opposites in your life?  Our form of emotional process work is what we have termed “the Unity Process“, which combines Hermetic mysticismAristotelian logic (the Trivium), Socratic Questioning, Jungian shadow work, and the Emotional Freedom Techniques into an easy to use system to help people process their emotional upsets, correct their poor thinking, and balance their internal emotional states. If you are interested in learning more about our sessions, classes, and packages, please fill out and submit the contact form on our sessions page.

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