The Super Hero Film Era: How Political Dissent is Neutralised

One of the questions Dave Cullen asks in this video is why people root for the heroes in dystopian scenarios presented to us in movies, but when tyranny is at our own doorstep, the majority not only act cowardly, but in many ways, they actually get behind and help further tyrannical concepts and behaviors. So in the movies they root for the heroes, but in real life they back the villains. He then posits that it is predictive programming, and I think he is right, but with a twist; let me explain.

When the human mind is presented with an idea that is foreign to it, it is automatically rejected because it is too inconceivable, but if a person has been shown a possible scenario in television or Hollywood “programming”, they are now aware of the possibility, and will no longer reject the concept of totalitarianism when it approaches. Any idea must first be implanted as a logical first step prior to it being accepted as possible by the human mind. This occurs in movies and television shows too, where an object or idea is acknowledged early on in the story line, even if just in passing, so that the mind does not reject the outcome when the object or idea is reintroduced later on in the story, possibly even as a solution to the main challenge of the plot; this is storytelling 101. The fact is, if totalitarianism and a dystopian world were to be introduced without Hollywood casting its spell with possible visions of a dystopian future, they would be soundly rejected by the masses; therefore such movies are the solution to bringing about the desired future outcomes the Elite wish for us to create for them.

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