Transmuting Lead into Gold: Reclaiming our Individuality

AlchemyWe’ve been socially engineered to believe that our true power as humans lies within banding together as a group, and that we are able to find strength in numbers. This causes us to amalgamate into herds, whether it is by race, political affiliation, common religion, nation, sexual identity, or even species. We believe that if we can only fit into this group or that group, then we will finally feel safe and/or free. However, this is nothing but a lie designed to trick us into forfeiting our individual power and creativity to the overseers of the herd. These overseers are above religious, political, military, and even financial leaders; they are the unseen masters over all herds.

In the long run, we cannot successfully rebel against any particular herd by joining another herd to fight them, nor can we stand alone and try to rebel against them; fighting any herd or herd master cannot restore our personal power in the short or long term, it just distracts us.  The conflict between herds is an attempt to change the effects of our deep internal powerlessness rather than the causes of it, it is seeking power externally over others to feel safe and/or free instead of finding it from within. Being a part of a group cannot make us powerful though, as to do so we must first forfeit our personal power to the group in exchange for safety and/or freedom. However, reclaiming our individuality and creativity can restore our power; there is infinitely more personal power found within our individual expression than can be found within the herd, since we no longer need to forfeit our power to the group in exchange for their supposed safety and/or freedom.

How ironic is this nonsensical belief pattern?

It is our collective belief that we must forfeit our internal personal power to a herd, so that we might regain our sense of personal power by being a member of said herd; and the more powerful we believe the heard to be, the more powerful we feel.

A word of caution, individuality is not selfishness or indulgence, nor is it fitting into the image of the rebel archetype, as that is just resisting the herd. Individuality is the product of having consciously individuated our Self from the collective unconscious of humanity in order to think for ourselves free from the herd. It is breaking free from group think, so that we might be free to think and express our creativity, through having exercised our own ability to reason, feel, and create the life of our choosing. As an individuated person who has broken free from the herd, we do not worry about what is going on in the world, politics, religion, or the media, since we can see through the deceitful illusions of it all.

In a society of slaves, individuals roam about free, for as we believe and feel we are, since what we act upon and manifest is only the effects of our thoughts and feelings, and not the cause. Therefore it is imperative to exercise our strength of will and reprogram our thinking, through listening to the underlying messages that our feelings are sending to us, so that we might reclaim our individuality, and thus our sovereignty. It is by utilizing shadow work, through reverse engineering our effects by going to their root causes, that we are able to experience new effects. This allows us to alchemically transmute our herd mentality of lead into our individuated golden Self. The Hermetic Principles, the Trivium method of asking questions/critical thinking, and EFT Tapping can also be useful in this alchemical process of personal transformation.

We wish you success on your journey of Self-discovery, reclamation of your personal power, and renewed individuality!

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