Unity Process

The Unity ProcessOnce our feelings are decoded, they are actually reasonable, and can be understood quite easily. It doesn’t take a doctor with their PhD in psychology to figure out how feelings operate, yet society as a whole continues to suppress feelings as if they are an inconvenience, mystical mumbo jumbo, or something to be treated with chemicals.

Taking a pill to solve feelings is like spraying Monsanto weed killers and pesticides on our food supply; it isn’t just overkill, it approaches the issue from a completely unnatural (ie, illogical) way. Just as modern farming alienates our food supply from the natural systems in which they were meant to thrive, modern psychiatry removes feelings from their root contexts and environment; they’ve redefined cause and effect. The consequences of this has kept us dependent on doctors and pharmaceutical companies for our well being, rather than allowing for us to easily maintain our own feelings and experiences.

Maximizing profit is about maximizing dependencies, for if individuals are able to grow their own food, make their own tools, tend to their own feelings, and think freely for themselves, they are not likely to provide enough consumption to keep the rich getting richer, and the poor becoming further enslaved. Critical thinking is the basis for figuring out anything we choose to figure out, it allows for new and creative ways to grow food, understand feelings, provide heat and energy, and the list goes on. The less an individual is able to think for themselves, asking what, why, and how, the more dependent upon others they will be, however, the more they are able to think critically, the less they will be dependent and consumptive.

Learning how to think critically in our daily interactions, through asking “what am I feeling”, “why am I feeling it”, and then synthesizing the knowledge and understanding received from the process of asking “what” and “why” questions, allows for better, more productive “how” actions — which is wisdom. Decoding experiences, and the feelings that result from them, is a radically transformative endeavor that has far reaching consequences; it is a process that exercises and renews the mind, while also empowering behavior, creativity, and individuality. From the foundation of basic critical thinking skills and emotional awareness, micro relationships such as family, friends, and romantic partnerships, to macro relationships such as commerce, travel, and government, all receive positive benefits.  Rather than being dependent, independent, or even interdependent in relationship to self and others, it allows for a person to experience co-creativity in relationship to self and others, and to the external world as a whole.

If there was something that we desire to teach people, it is how to use the tools of critical thinking, Socratic Questioning, the Trivium, and the Seven Hermetic Principles, and to apply them to emotional intelligence and interpersonal relationships, in order to alchemically transmute their shadow sides with the light of awareness.

The Unity Process utilizes critical thinking to remove the contradictions between your internal masculine and feminine, your current reality and the truth, and your beliefs and natural law. It is the process of the two working in union to create a third together, rather than remaining in opposition to one another.

The Unity Process …where the Two become the One.

This is why we are developing the Unity Process website, videos, feelings wheel, Patreon page, and sessions — and while far from finished, it is all a part of the process.  Join our Patreon group, where we have a community tier for every need, from community chat and livestreams, group emotional processing sessions, and monthly private sessions with us.

Lots of Love,
Nathan & Aline