Reversed Cause & Effect

Humanity has reversed cause and effect, which is a logical fallacy, where we mistakenly believe that the manifestations in our life are our causes, and that our unhappy feelings are our effects; this belief imprisons us in an infinite feedback loop. Since our effects are now seen as our causes, we then erroneously think that we can find new actions (manifestations) that will change what we think is the root cause, but this is just us spinning within the hamster wheel (infinite feedback loop) going nowhere. We’re attempting to use manifestations to change manifestations, as in, we’re using effects to make changes on the level of effects, and not looking at the level of causality, therefore we can’t actually fix the initial problem.

The line of reality creation goes like this, we think (cause), we then feel what we think (effect of thoughts, but cause of manifestations), and then we manifest what we thought and felt (effects of both thoughts and feelings).

Thoughts → Feelings → Actions/Manifestations

If all of our energy keeps attempting to change our manifested effects at stage three, we will continue to waste a lot of energy, since we aren’t changing our thoughts at stage one, or our ability to process our thoughts with our feelings at stage two.

For example, if I were to just sit here and think about having an orgasm, and then try to feel the emotions necessary to bring it about, but couldn’t make it happen, instead of trying to understand what my problem is, and why I have it, I feel powerless (angry), choose to regain my power by taking control of the situation, and then masturbate or talk a woman into having sex with me.  So whenever I see a manifestation that I do not like, I feel both powerless to create it and afraid of not attaining the outcome I desire, therefore I attempt to regain my power by taking control of the situation and forcing it to happen.  However, this just is me being dependent on the outside manifested reality for my happiness, just as the old saying goes, “I’ll believe it (effect) when I see it (cause)”, rather than how it operates in truth “I believe it (cause) then I see it (effect)”.

However, if I was able to fully know what thought was prohibiting me from having an orgasm from intention alone, and understand why the limiting thought pattern was there in the first place (why = emotions/logic), then I could consciously manifest something different. This is why people yell, shame, and guilt others; they are mad at the lack of manifestation and/or ability to manifest, and are attempting to control external people and circumstances, to make it change and do something different. They blame, shame, and guilt the outside into being a better reality that they think it ‘should’ be, but they are not looking at causes in their own life, just attacking the external effects.  This pattern of dependency on an external manifestation is the essence of lust and greed, as it is being dependent on a desired manifested reality, and externalizing our personal power to make it happen.

The problem is in the masculine (not men, but masculine) within each person, which is our thoughts.

Thoughts = Father → Feelings = Mother → Actions/Manifestations = Child/Creation


The father thoughts are blaming the mother feelings for not giving the proper emotions to the creation, and when the creation doesn’t work the way the father’s thoughts think they should, he takes over from the mother’s feelings and tries to create without her, which is attempting to control the situation.  The father’s thoughts are blaming the mother’s feelings for the impure (or lack of) creative ability, but the feelings are an effect of the thoughts, and not the cause; it is the masculine thoughts that are the cause that must be examined, understood, and consciously changed!  This pattern of thinking is what is also behind slavery, as the father’s thoughts are not pleased with the mother’s emotions, and thus takes over and enslaves the mother to work for him in the way he thinks that she should.  The slave master uses, abuses, and drains the mother’s feelings as a resource to manifest his own unnatural lusts and greed; for if he were natural, he would co-create with the mother, but he instead chooses to co-opt her free will and use her.

This is us!  We are dependent outside-in on others, and rather than creating what we want, we have become dependent on what we want, so we control others to get that dependency fix we think we need.  We hate feeling like we are at the mercy of what we want, and rather than change our thoughts so that we might create a what we want, we choose to enslave, shame, blame, guilt, or on the other hand, we lose hope and choose to be alone in a depressed stupor.  This whole situation is the reason why the father’s thoughts takes over the processing of logic from the mother’s feelings; it is his belief that his feminine is to blame, and that all of their creative problems are her fault.  He is not patient enough to fix his thoughts, which in this case, is straightening out his belief/program of cause and effect that is causing the motherly emotions to not show up in the way he thinks she should.  In reality, both genders are currently behaving in this way, where the masculine within blames the feminine feelings within; a matriarchal society is just flipping the manifestation, but not flipping the inner reality.

Losing hope is the beginning of personal power, and the first step towards taking responsibility for your life. Once you stop waiting on something outside of yourself to change, a world of possibilities opens up to you. ~Nathan & Aline

To get out of this, we must first lose hope that we will ever be able to find satisfaction or abundance from our outside-in bypassing of our emotions, and controlling of the situation; but rather than losing hope in a depressed stupor, we need to re-examine our thoughts, especially in how we reverse cause and effect.  Our thoughts about cause and effect are the root of our thinking problem, our motherly feelings can do their thing once the father stops blaming her, and instead allowing her to help him stop this limiting pattern of relating.  Then they can co-create together something pure, rather than the impure creation that bypasses her, or uses her as a slave.

The Unity Process is a unique tool that utilizes Jungian shadow work, EFT Meridian Tapping, the Trivium method of asking questions, and the Seven Hermetic Principles to reprogram our limiting beliefs at the plane of causality, rather than staying within the infinite hamster wheel of duality.

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  1. Antoine Pruyssers says:

    All well and clear, you are combining two hermetic principles here, but the solution you are giving here is: ” Sit still, and research the problem!”???
    What Action is going to invoke the harmony between thought and care?
    How can one reach happyness, by accepting an illusionary passive state?
    That would contradict the principle of vibration, and the principle of rythm.
    Any thoughts?

    • Thank you for the thoughtful reply!

      We always feel that it is imperative to reprogram the limiting belief at the level of thoughts, and we recommend shadow work combined with EFT meridian tapping to reprogram limiting beliefs. The Unity Process is our solution to this and all problems we experience, as it combines Jungian shadow work, EFT meridian tapping, the Trivium method, and Natural Law to enact change on the causal plane. We don’t accept anything, we alchemically transform it to rise above it; turning the old belief of lead into the purity of gold.

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