New Service – Karmic Lawyer / Advocate

The current justice system the world over is anything but just, it is in fact an inversion of justice that has converted theft into a right and our rightful self-defense, self-ownership, and property ownership into a crime, and this has come to pass in pretty much every nation on Earth. As Frédéric Bastiat noted in his treatise “The Law“: The law […] has acted in direct opposition to its own […] Read more »

Ayn Rand’s Philosophy on the Link Between Morality and Reason

Quesion to Why did Ayn Rand believe that morality and reason are interconnected? What moral rules was she able to discern through the use of reason? A: Ayn Rand believed that morality and reason are interconnected because she saw reason as the ultimate tool for understanding and navigating the world. According to her philosophy, Objectivism, the proper use of reason leads to the discovery of objective moral principles that […] Read more »

Gab AI on Critical Theory

Here’s a question I posed to Gab AI on Critical Theory’s origins: Q: What is critical theory and how is it connected to the Frankfurt school? Critical Theory is a school of thought that emerged in the 1930s, primarily developed by the Frankfurt School, a group of intellectuals associated with the Institute for Social Research at Goethe University Frankfurt. The Frankfurt School was founded by a group of German-Jewish Marxist […] Read more »