3D visualization of The Double Torus energy interaction, between male and female energy bodies

Most polarity spectra have an active and passive side, such as the active student polarity (–) and the passive teacher polarity (+), the active worth polarity (–) and the passive value polarity (+), or the active question polarity (–) and the passive answer polarity (+).  Contrary to our current cultural conditioning, our answers are meant to be passive, and it is our questions that are intended to be active in our life; for when we actively polarize into our question, it attracts the answers we need to us easily and effortlessly. We’re living in an answer driven society, where we behave as if the gift, value, and answers are the active polarity, and our receptivity, worth, and questions are the passive polarity, but this is merely a wrong perception that keeps us in a limited feedback loop (hamster wheel) going nowhere fast.

There is however one co-creative polarity that contains both the active and passive poles within it, that of the masculine (–) (+) and the feminine (+) (–); this distinction is why the Hermetic Principle of Gender is a separate principle from the Hermetic Principle of Polarity.  Within men and women, each energetic pole is a torsion field; where each torsion field represents either an active pole (–) or a passive pole (+). The feminine vagina is the active negative question pole (–), while the masculine penis is the passive positive answer pole (+), and the masculine heart is the active negative question pole (–), while the feminine heart is the passive positive answer pole (+).

In the correct pattern of flow, where the questions are active and answers are passive, the masculine and feminine co-create together as One unit, where the negative heart pole (–) of the masculine attracts answers from the positive heart pole (+) of the feminine, and the negative genital pole (–) of the feminine attracts answers from the positive genital pole (+) of the masculine.  However, in the incorrect pattern of flow, where the answers are active and the questions are passive, the masculine and feminine are opposing factions that force their answers (+) upon the questions (–) of their partners; this is the essence of dominance (+) and submission (–), which are an unnatural duality and not a natural polarity.

Dominance (perpetrator) and submission (victim), and thus duality, are the result of being actively polarized into our answers, and forcing them upon others, but in unity (which is another word for intimacy), when we are actively polarized into our question (–), we stay within our boundaries, and attract the supportive answers we require to us easily and effortlessly.


On the Duality to Unity Feelings Wheel, intimacy is the inside-out unity experience, while dominant and submission are the two possible outside-in duality experiences. Dominance is the positive polarity (+) of this duality, whereas submissive is negative polarity (–) of this duality.  Dominance and submission are the only possible ways to experience intimacy and connection within our dualistic lifestyles.


To see a visual representation of how the energetic flow between the masculine and feminine might work, please see the following 3D model in the video below:


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