Almost Every Major Franchise is Compromised

“Moreover, it’s important to keep in mind, that for the people pushing all of this politically correct stuff, their ideology comes first. Hollywood and their benefactors have very deep pockets and they can afford to lose money. Money is a secondary concern, wokeness and a left wing political agenda matters more to the people who are pushing it. Social engineering of the populace through mass media is their primary objective, and they’re not afraid to lose a few billion dollars doing it.”

~Dave Cullen, Computing Forever

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  1. David Nova says:

    Love his videos! It’s so sad to see so many beloved franchises vandalized. On the bright side, it’s certainly waking more people up to the manipulation.

    • Agreed, he makes great content. As for the people waking up part, I think that’s actually an intended side effect of the hardcore push towards Marxism and its proxies, but it is much too complicated to get into in a comment at the moment, so I’ll save that for another day. 😉 Be well David!

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