Satan, Lucifer, and the Jesus Archetypes of Ego Development

Satan is the archetype of the undeveloped ego gone wild, Lucifer is the archetype of the ego masquerading as an enlightened being, and Jesus is the archetype of the ego having been fully integrated into the overall Self, called “Selfhood”. We must remain mindful, as both Lucifer and Jesus look awfully similar when observed in a superficial manner, but they are very, very different at their core. The outward similarities between Lucifer and Jesus pertains to the “Pre/Trans Fallacy” where the pre state is often mistaken or disguised as the trans (post) state of being. For example, knowledge is the pre-rational state, understanding is the middle rational state, which is often termed “process”, and wisdom is the trans-rational state (also known as the pre-personal, personal, and trans-personal states) of development.

According to Jung, the ego is our conscious mind. When our ego begins to gain knowledge of itself, it is in an infantile state of development, as it is not aware of the contents of the unconscious or subconscious minds, until which time the observer aspect of the individual, which is beyond the conscious mind, decides to integrate the three minds into one interconnected personality through emotional process work. In order to take the ego into the middle rational state, the observer aspect of a person must deconstruct the lower impulses of the unconscious and subconscious minds one at a time, in a process Carl Jung called “shadow work”, and this brings conscious light to the shadows contained within both the unconscious and subconscious minds.

The integrative process of bringing the light of conscious awareness to the dark shadows within a person brings new life to the individual, and is what causes them to embody the Jesus / Christ Consciousness archetype to “enter into the kingdom of heaven”, which is the trans-rational state of wisdom. The overall “process” of making the unconscious and subconscious minds conscious to the ego is what Carl Jung called “the individuation process”, and it results in the individual achieving an internally unified state of “Selfhood”. Those who are working towards or already embodying the Jesus Christ consciousness archetype are esoteric in nature, aka they are internalized beings who are developing, or already have developed fully into, unique and psychologically differentiated individuals.

When left in the infantile state, the ego will be a slave that obeys the impulses of the unconscious and subconscious minds, which is where the relational patterns of the unconscious and subconscious minds issue the orders to be obeyed, and the conscious mind comes up with the rationale necessary to support indulging those lower impulses. When the shadow aspects of a person are indulged without any type of self-restraint, a person is often called “egoic”, and they are embodying the archetype of Satan; the Satan archetype is the conscious mind of ego that is enslaved by the dark impulses of the unconscious and subconscious minds.

There is a trick that the conscious mind (ego) can play to maintain its loyalty to the lower dark impulses while appearing externally as an enlightened being, and it is called “spiritual bypassing” and having an “enlightened ego”.  An example of this false enlightenment is when those who claim they have transcended their ego without doing the necessary emotional process work to make the unconscious-conscious; meaning that they are making the pre/trans fallacy, because they’re in the pre-rational state claiming to be in the trans-rational state. However, they are still giving all control of their being and choices to their unconscious and subconscious aspects, but are doing so with the wrapping paper and appearances of the trans-rational (trans-personal) and integrated state of being.

In this way, they are now embodying the false light of Lucifer archetype of enlightenment, as they are still governed by their lower aspects, but are carrying themselves as if they are trans-personal individuals. Those who are indulging their darkness overtly with the Satanic archetype, or covertly with the Luciferian archetype, are exoteric in nature, aka they are externalized beings who are enslaved by their darker, unconscious impulses, and gather collectively with each other in psychologically enmeshed states.

Like mentioned before, the actual transcended egoic state is when the conscious aspect has become fully aware of the contents of both the unconscious and subconscious aspects through an intense daily process, and has thus become an integrated and whole Self. In order to get to heaven, we must actually do the work of building heaven within our own internal being through a life of internal process, as heaven is inside of us, and not outside of us.

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  1. Stephen Humphreys says:

    This made me go cross-eyed and I had to fight from falling asleep.
    Understanding MYSTERY is the first step on the neverending road to fallacy.
    I don’t hold much value to the breakdown of parts in order to
    “understand” the logistics of BEing.
    You can collapse a box until it doesn’t hold anything any more, understanding its cardboard elements – but it’s still a box. No offense, but how does this information serve? How can it be used to feed or house the homeless?