Bertrand Russell & Social Engineering 101

Our governments and above have been studying and implementing mass mind control and propaganda for a very long time.  One of their keys to success was their placement of mainstream science as the official religion of the State, with doctors and scientists acting as their priests and clergy.  They then use the “appeal to authority” logical fallacy ad nauseam, where they prove their points, prove their agendas, condition the masses, etc., all based on the belief in science as the official authority that speaks the truth.  Since science is the official State religion, it is paid to say and prove only the things that support the agenda of the State.

It is important to realize that the mystery schools spoken of in the video are dark mystics and not gray mystics.  Our perspective as gray mystics is vastly different than that of the Freemasons and their lineage, as we are not trying to create a group mind, but to individuate as a creative individual.  Philip Collins has therefore made the “association fallacy” logical fallacy, as he has thrown out the baby with the bathwater.

Listen to James Corbett explore social engineering, and much more, in this informative one hour presentation.

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