Brainwashed: Bred as Sheep from Cradle to Grave

television-programmingManipulation, brainwashing, and mind control is not just making people believe certain things to be true or false, rather they are achieved through installing a very specific mode of thinking that keeps the individual trapped within a labyrinth of self-deception. This includes systematically causing the mind to rely on external authorities for answers, reversing and confusing causality, shifting the burden of proof, begging the question, falling for false dilemmas, and the entire list of other logical fallacies.
Additionally, it creates emotional and physical dependencies to various forms of entertainment, an addiction to approval, and a fear of rejection, all while negating the mind’s ability to process and synthesize multiple perspectives / layers of information and logic. Skilled manipulators accomplish these tasks through an interconnected and coordinated system of compulsory didactic schooling, religious institutions, government programs, social movements, industry, wars, television programming, commercials, movies, books, music, video games, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other commercial products.
Our society is quite literally an intentionally designed matrix that both initiates and maintains control of people’s minds from cradle to grave. Even so, their sophisticated systems aren’t a match for the infinite potential that lies within each human being, which is why they have gone to such great lengths to lock it up with their various methods of mind control. To remove yourself from your mental quagmire of self-deceived thinking, you must learn to ask and refine questions, process your emotions, and reverse engineer your thought processes through self-reflection. This takes the will power to both initiate and follow through on your mind’s liberation, but you will ultimately free yourself from the labyrinth. As you think, so you are. When you think as a slave, you are a slave, and when you think as a free individual, you are a free individual.
As always, question everything, especially your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Be safe and sovereign our friends,
Nathan & Aline

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