Contrasts and Creating Your Own Reality

I would like to address the reason why I sometimes appear negative, and am not only posting love, light, unicorns, and rainbows in our writings. As a result of a comment about my supposed negativity, I decided to ask the collective being known as “Abraham” about this (usually channeled by Esther Hicks), as many seem to have a misunderstanding about their work. First and foremost, if you happen to read any of our posts, the vibration you are offering up is a harmonic match to them, and the feeling that motivates any comments is proof of this match. If you are bothered by the supposed negativity, it is because you are being alerted by your guidance system that you are out of alignment with your Source and inner being.

Secondly, contrast is the first step that forms our desires, but many people are given false contrasts by the world around them, and then unwittingly create the desires of those who fabricated the false contrasts in the first place. The false dichotomy contrasts cause us to desire safety and survival, and such safety causes a lower vibratory need for freedom that we act out in impulsive and destructive ways. However, when we are able to discover the true contrasts, we conceive a higher vibratory version of freedom. Our posts will often give a glimpse of many false contrasts, which also reveals any underlying true contrasts that are present (the contrast between the false dichotomy and the world we actually want to create). Once we perceive a contrast, our desire is conceived. It is at this moment that people mistakenly keep their focus on the contrast, but they would have more success if they would instead place their focus on their newly conceived desires, and intently imagine what they do want.

In order for us to create our desired reality, we need to:
1. Find the true contrast rather than any possible false contrasts given to us by external controllers, so that more pure desires can be conceived.
2. Switch your focus from the contrast to your newly conceived desire, so that you can consciously process and birth it into your experience.
3. If the newly conceived desire is too fantastic for you to realistically perceive as the next logical step, then focus on those good (and related) aspects that are already present, and build a bridge from where you are currently at to where you wish to go.

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